Wednesday 12 March 2014

Barnsley, Needham & Brown Roll of Honour, Pontefract Road

Barnsley Chronicle 25 December 1915 (thanks to Barnsley Archives)


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This newspaper cutting lists 19 men from the firm of Needham Bros and Brown Ltd, of Pontefract Road who have presumably enlisted.  It is only the end of 1915 - more could have already volunteered and more will have followed them into service as conscription took effect the following year.  Research has yet to be done to discover which of these men returned home and which did not.  We do not know if this memorial or any other memorial for the firm still exists.

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Arthur Peel,
J Needham,
Frank Needham,
Thos W Briggs,
Ed Pickering,
Harold Oxtaby,
Jas Collumbine,
W Batty,
G Needham,
A Needham,
J Wright,
W Jeffreys,
W Barraclough,
H Duncan,
J W Nixon,
Jas Matthews,
J Brown,
H H Guest,
T Brant.


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