Friday 22 November 2013

Monk Bretton War Memorial, Cross Street, Monk Bretton

Monk Bretton War Memorial in 2013

Monk Bretton War Memorial in its original site (from Yococo)

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Transcribed and photographed for this site by Barnsley Historian

The War Memorial Tablet in St Paul's Church predates this memorial and lists five fewer WW1 men, but usefully includes the regiment or ship of each man.

The names of the fallen were first inscribed on the pillars which formed the entrance to the Monk Bretton recreation ground in 1928.  An application was made to Corporation in November 1927 for permission to carve the names of the fallen to this existing structure and a further note is made in the Chronicle in June 1928 with reference to this. 

At some point the pillars were moved to the other side of Cross Street, where they now stand in a small garden.  WW2 names were added to two sides of the pillars, and there is also a name from the Korean War recorded.

The dates 1939 and 1945 were added to the front of the pillars in autumn 2014.

A Friends of Monk Bretton War Memorial group was organised in 2014 to maintain and improve the area around the memorial.  They hope to install information boards with stories of the men named on the memorial in the future.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here (look for the blue coloured names) to a page on this site or an external site.


Pte Herbert Atkinson
Pte James M Bailey
Cpl Charles Bedford
Pte George E Beck
Pte Richard Burke
Pte Tom Bailey
Pte Joseph Carr
Cpl Charles Cooke
Pte James Critchley
Cpl Charles L Duckworth
Pte Fredk Franks
L.Cpl Jesse Eyre Green
Pte C Grattan
Pte Ernest Harston
Pte John Horobin
Pte Thomas Hill
Pte Albert Ed Harston
Pte Lewis Harrison
Pte Thomas Hunt
Stoker W T Hinchliffe
Gunr Thomas H Horbury
Cpl Arthur Johnson
L Cpl J T Johnson
Pte George H Jessop
Cpl Thomas Knight
2nd Lt Peter C Kerr
Pte Thomas Knight DCM
Sig Thomas A Kelk
Sgt Rufus Kelk
Pte Fred Knapton
Pte Daniel W Lee
Alice Hilda Lancaster
Cpl Charles R Lowe
Pte Amos Marsden
L Smn Arthur Malkin MM
Pte Arthur Moxon
Cpt Archibald Mackenzie
Pte Henry MacDonald
Pte Samuel Gammons
Pte Herbert Musgrave
Pte A E Oldroyd
Pte Thomas Partridge
Pte P J Pitcher
Pte William Russell
Pte Arthur Russell
Sgt Thomas Richards
L Sgt J W H Silcock  (Henry Silcock)
L Cpl Albert Scorah
Pte John Shaw
Pte Abraham Shaw
Pte Richard Turner
Pte Edwin Turner
Pte Thomas E Truelove
Pte Austin Turton
Pte Thomas Trueman
Pte Thomas W Victory
A Smn C A Whitehead
Pte Charles W Wood
Stoker Arthur Wood
Pte Bernard White
Sapper Samuel Waters
Sgt Chas E Williams   (Charles Williams)
A Smn Harry Williamson
Pte William Barnett
Pte Charles W Good

Pte Eric D Barber
Flt Sgt Wilfred Barham
Sapper George Black
A Smn Raymond E Bonson
Sgt Jack Burley
Cpl W Carrington
Pte Harry Cook
Bdr Reginald Cook
Pte Albert Crossley
A Smn Albert L Everett
Pte J T Franks
A C William Heppenstall
Sgt Amos Howe
Sapper Roy A Jagger
Sig Ronald Jones
Cpl G H Mellor
Pte Thomas Raynor
Pte Edward Shepherd
Flt Sgt Fred Trimby
Pte John T Walton
Cpl G W Watson
Pte E Wetton
Dvr Geoffrey Whitham
Gdsman Harry Williamson
Pte Sydney Wood
Cpl G E Bond
Gnr G Sheehan

Korean War

Cpl Thomas W Price


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BarnsleyHistorian said...

Hi Phil, I have removed your comment as it contains your email address, but here is your question:-
Hi, My great uncle Anthony Charlesworth, lived on Hope Street, Monk Bretton. He died approx 04/11/1918 in the First World War. My mum would like to know if he is listed on any memorials in Monk Bretton. Thank you so much for any info.

I have responded to you by email and although we haven't found your great uncle yet we will keep his name on file and keep looking.