Sunday 8 December 2013

Monk Bretton, St Paul's Church, WW1 Memorial Tablet

Memorial Tablet in St Paul's Church, Monk Bretton


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Lives of the First World War listing

Transcribed and photographed by BarnsleyHistorian

The list on the War Memorial on Cross Street includes an additional five names plus World War Two names and one from the Korean War.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Pte Herbert Atkinson 14th Bn Y&L Rgt
Seaman Arthur Atkinson Jutland
Pte James M Bailey 14th Bn Y&L Rgt
Cpl Charles Bedford 7th Yorkshire Rgt
Pte George E Beck 13th Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Richard Burke 14th Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Tom Bailey 1/5th Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Joseph Carr 9th Bn KOYLI
Cpl Charles Cooke 14th Bn Y&L
Pte James Critchley 1/5th Bn Y&L Rgt
Cpl Chas L Duckworth 1st North Hants
Pte Fredk Franks 6th Bn East Lancs
L/Cpl Jesse Eyre Green 2nd Bn N F
Pte C Grattan 1/5th Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Ernest Harston 2nd Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte John Horobin 14th Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Thos Hill 8th Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Albert Ed Harston 26th Bn N F
Pte Lewis Harrison 12th Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Thomas Hunt 1/5th Bn Y&L Rgt
Stoker W T Hinchliffe HMS Defence
Gunner Thos H Horbury RGA
L/Cpl J T Johnson 8th B N KOYLI
Cpl Arthur Johnson 456th F Coy RE
Pte George H Jessop KOYLI
Cpl Thos Knight 1st Bn KOSLI [Kings Own Shropshire Light Infantry]
2nd Lieut Peter C Kerr 7th L F
Pte Thos Knight 1/7th West Yorks
Sig Thos A Kelk 16th Bn KOYLI
Sjt Rufus Kelk 1/5th Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Fred Knapton 1st Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Daniel W Lee 2nd West Yorks
Alice Hilda Lancaster Territorial Probationer
Cpl Charles R Lowe KOYLI
Pte Amos Marsden 1st Bn Y&L Rgt
L/Seaman Arthur Malkin MM Anson Bn Rnvr
Pte Arthur Moxon Royal Highlanders
Capt Archibold Mackenzie 17th N F
Pte Henry McDonald 1st Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Herbert Musgrave 4th Bn Liverpool Rgt
Pte A E Oldroyd ASC
Pte Thos Partridge 2/4th Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte P J Pitcher 2nd West Yorks
Pte William Russell 14th Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Arthur Russell 15th Bn Y&L Rgt
Sjt Thomas Richards 15th Bn Y&L Rgt
L/Sjt J W H Silcock 7th Bn KOYLI   (Henry Silcock)
L/Cpl Albert Scorah 10th Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte John Shaw Royal Marines
Pte Abraham Shaw Black Watch
Pte Richard Turner 1st Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Edwin Turner 1st Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Thos E Truelove 2/5th Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Austen Turton 14th Bn Y&L Rgt
Pte Thos Wm Victory 1st Bn Y&L Rgt
Able Seaman C A Whitehead Hawke Bn Rnd
Pte Chas W Wood 1st Bn Y&L Rgt
Stoker Arthur Wood H M S Bellerophon
Pte Bernard White 2/5th West Yorks
Sapper Samuel Waters 142nd AT Coy RE

Sgt Chas E Williams 2/4th Y&L Rgt
A Seaman Harry Williamson Hawke Bn RND


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