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Hoyland War Memorial, West Street and Kirk Balk, Hoyland

Hoyland War Memorial (image takenfrom the Hoyland war memorial site)

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Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
Research by MAC

The Hoyland war memorial was unveiled on Monday 13 April 1925. 

Sheffield Daily Telegraph 14 April 1925 p.7

In November 1925 a film of the unveiling was shown at a local cinema.

Penistone, Stocksbridge and Hoyland Express 7 November 1925, p.12

Cuttings above from the British Newspaper Archive and Find My Past

The Hoyland War Memorial website used to host lots of information on the soldiers listed here.  Many individual records have photographs, pictures of graves and much more. Printed copies are available in Barnsley Archives. 
Researched by Peter Marsden. Transcription below by Jean Heath.
Photographed by Carol. D. Foster and George Horner.

May 2014: Arrangements have been made for around 200 additional names are to be added to the memorial. 
November 2014: 77 WW1 and 88 WW2 names were added to the memorial - these can be found listed on this supplementary page.


1914 - 1918

Adams. T.
Alpin. J.
Andrew. W.
Andrew. J.
Andrews. E.
Ayrton. T.
Bagnall. L. (? Thomas Bagnall)
Bagnall. G. (George Edwin Bagnall)
Bagnall. L. P. (Lawrence Parton Bagnall)
Bailey. J.
Bamforth. B.
Banner. C.
Barker. R.
Barker. A.
Bean. W.
Beardshall. A.
Beaumont. R.
Benson. T.
Bentley. W.
Birch. G.
Bradley. A.
Bridges. H.
Burley. E.
Camplin. W.
Cannon. M.
Carrington. E.
Caunt. J.
Chambers. A.
Chambers. C.
Chapman. W. (Wilfred Chapman)
Chase. W.
Clarke. H. F.
Collins. R.
Cooper. J.
Cooper. F.
Cope. J.
Copley. B.
Copley. C.
Crane. A.
Crossland. S.
Darwin. E. (Ernest Darwin)
Dawber. J.
Dean. T.
Dickens. F.
Dodds. P.
Donson. A. (Arthur Donson)
Doughty. J.
Doyle. E.
Draisey. J.
Dransfield. J.
Dransfield. B.
Duke. W.
Ellis. A.
Evans. T.
Farrar. B.
Fawcett. H. (M.M.)
Fellowes. B.
Fletcher. C.
Fletcher. P.
Foster. L. (Leonard Foster)
Foster. J.
Fox. H.
Frogson. P.
Frogson. F.
Gaskill. E.
Gedney. G. (D.C.M.)
Gillott. W.
Goldthorpe. J.
Gothard. J. (John Willie Gothard)

Grayson. W.
Griffiths. R.
Guest. W.
Haines. J.
Hallam. J. (M.M.)
Halpin. L.
Hardy. C.
Harley. A. (M.M.)
Harris. A.
Harris. R.
Harrott. H. (M.M.)
Hill. A.
Hinton. W.
Hinton. G.
Hirst. W.
Hirst. L.
Hirst. J.
Hobson. C.
Hulse. L.
Illingsworth. I.
Illingsworth. L.
Jackson. C.
Jackson. T.
Jackson. F.
Jones. R.
Jones. A.
Jordan. C.
Joynes. W.
Kay. H.
Kay. F.
Keddy. E.
Kennedy. J.
Kenny. J.
Kenworthy. A. (Aaron Kenworthy)
Kirk. J.
Lang. J.
Lang. T.
Lax. G.
Leach. F.
Linley. H.
Lipscombe. H.  (Harry Lipscombe)
Littlewood. A.
Lockwood. F.
Lockwood. H.  (Herbert Lockwood)
Lockwood. C.  (Charles Lockwood)
Lovatt. R.
Loftus. T.
Lomas. J.
Lowe. J.
Mallinson. C.
Marsden. W.
Marsden. J.
Marshall. G.
Marshall. J.
Marshall. W.
Mckay. E.
Merry. O.
Mills. R.
Mirfin. W.
Mitchell. G.
Moody. A.  (Albert Moody)
Moody. R.  (Robert Moody)
Moody. E. (Ernest Moody)
Moore. L.
Moore. T.
Morton. J.
Moss. F.
Moscrop. L.
Naylor. R.
Fisher. J.
Noble. W.
Noble. L.
Norris. J.
Norton. G.
Nuttall. F.
Oliver. F.
Oldknow. H.
Oxley. G.
Parkin. W.
Patmore. F.
Pearson. H.
Peel. J.
Penn. W.
Penton. G.
Pepper. S.
Pepper. W.
Portman. C. (Clifford Portman)
Powell. J.
Pye. H.
Quinland. A.
Quiney. F.
Rawse. F.
Rawlin. W.
Ashmore. H.
Raybould. A.
Raynor. D.
Regan. T.
Richards. R.
Ridge. J.
Roberts. A.
Robinson. J.
Rolfe. W.
Rose. F.
Rothin. C.
Rowbottom. C. (Charles William Rowbotham)
Rushworth. W.  (Walter Rushworth)
Scanlon. J. E. 
Scanlon. J. H.
Sharpe. F.
Sharpe. F.
Sharpe. E.
Shaw. W.  (Willie Shaw)
Sidebottom. J.
Siddall. R.
Smith. A.
Smith. H.
Somerville. R.
Thornsby. J.
Southern. J.
Stancey. C.
Standish. F.
Stewart. H.
Straw. R.
Symons. J. (M.M.)
Symons. F.
Symons. E.
Taylor. C.
Taylor G.
Taylor. C.
Thomas. M.
Thompson. J.
Traunter. W.
Trueman. J.
Turner. P.
Uttley. A.  (Alfred Utley)
Vickers. H.
Waddington. J.
Wainwright. F.
Wainwright. V.  (Verner Wainwright)
Walton. C.
Walton. J.
Warren. E.
Watson. A.
Webster. H.
Wetherill. F.
Whitney. H.
Whittlestone. E. (Ernest Frederick Whittlestone)
Widdowson. A.
Wild. A.
Wilkinson. B. (Bernard Wilkinson)
Wilkinson. W.
Willis. H.
Wilson. E.
Wilson. J.
Wing. J.
Woolley. A.
Wright. L. (Leonard Wright)
Bailey. G. S.
Ball. J.
Cannon. W.
Cumberbatch. W.
Fletcher. J.
Harland. T.
Kennedy. T.

1939 - 1945

Addy. D.
Allinson. W.
Bagnall. J.
Bamforth. C.
Beech. A.
Blithe. D. J. H.
Booth. J.
Booth. J. H. 
Bosworth. P.
Boulton. G. 
Bramwell. W.
Burgin. R. 
Camm. J. A.
Camm. W. H.
Caton. F. E.
Clegg. N. E.  (Norman Edward Clegg)
Coakes. A. E.
Collier. R.
Cottrell. P. H.
Creeton. H.
Crump. C.
Cutts. G.
Dobson. R.
Eaden. A.
Ellam. G.
Evans. A. C.
Fletcher. G. F. 
Frogson. F.
Gillott. F.
Goldthorpe. R.
Halpen. J. L.
Hardwick. G. W.
Hickman. E.
Howe. T. A.
Lax. E.
Lomas. O.
Lowbridge. H. O. (D.F.M.)
Marsland. J.
Mcallister. H.
Mellor. F.
Moore. D. E.
Morris. T.
Naylor. W. B. (William Burt Naylor)
Newton. S.
Noble. D.
Owen. W.
Oxspring. H.
Oxspring. W.
Plowman. E.
Portman. J.
Quinney. F.
Robinson. T.
Scorrow. E.
Slack. E.
Slack. L.
Sutcliffe. L.
Turner. W.
Vaines. C.
Waddington. E.
Walker. T.
Walker. W.
Waller. D.
Ward. J. H.
Watson. W. J.
Green. J. W. 
Williams. L.
Wray. I. H.
Wright. C. 


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