Thursday 21 September 2017

Wortley, Roll of Honour for Oddfellows Lodge No. 4194, (formerly) Wortley Arms

Roll of Honour for Oddfellows Lodge No.4194, Wortley
Photograph by the BWMP
Lodge No. 4194 was established in 1843 and met at the Wortley Arms before transferring to Thurgoland in the 1970s. This memorial is currently part of a private collection and has been shared by kind permission of the owner.

Memorial researched and transcribed by members of the BWMP and information provided by the Oddfellows Society.

The Memorial is in a wooden frame and contains the words:

ROLL OF HONOUR OF MEMBERS OF THE LOYAL BLOSSOM OF FRIENDSHIP LODGE NO.4194 who served their King and Country in the GREAT WAR of 1914-1918

Burgan J C
Bidwell D
Beevor W
Bramhald D Jr
Barstow G
Barstow N
Barstow W
Breffit G A
* Copley F
Copley J A
Copley E Jr
Clarke D
* Casey J
Crapper H
Cockerham J C
Clarke A E
Goldring E
Goldring J
Green G
Gillespie W
Hellewell J E
Hicks B
Hines R
Haigh H
Jowitt H
* Laycock F
Laycock W
Laycock P
*Lockwood T 
Munday J W
McHale T P
Nithsdale B H
Neal F
Offord J P
Pickering E C
Robbins A
*Robbins J
Raisley B R
Rolfe H
Rolfe J W
Russell C A
*Schofield D
Schofield R B
Schofield A
Saxby E S
Saxby T H
Saxby E
Scholey J
Scholey C
Smith A
Taylor H
Tate G H
Weldon G V
Woodcock W
Yeardley W

*Men Killed in Action



Unknown said...
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BarnsleyHistorian said...

Hi. I'm researching my grand father who was a member of the Oddfellows in Wortley in the 1940-50s. Could you please pass on my contact details to the owner of the memorial? *email redacted* I'm looking for amy information about him. It seems many of the records of this venerable organisation may have been lost. Best wishes.

BarnsleyHistorian said...

Details here:
Like all pubs it will be closed at the moment but you could try contacting them via the email address on their website.

There is a branch of the Oddfellows still in existence in Barnsley, they meet at the Boatman's Rest in Worsbrough. You could try their contact email as well. It's on this pre-Covid event announcement.