Saturday 2 September 2017

Lost Barnsley Radical and Liberal Club Memorial

The Barnsley War Memorials Project recently discovered via an online forum, that one of our missing war memorials was sold at auction twelve years ago and purchased by someone in the local area.

Originally the war memorial was housed within the Barnsley Radical and Liberal Club on Market Street. It is a very large piece, measuring 7 feet in height. It features ceramic tiles in an oak frame and has the names of 127 men who fought, 8 of whom were killed. We know from the forum that a local business man bought it at auction for safe keeping on 10th August 2005, but nothing beyond that. The project are very grateful to this gentleman for saving the memorial and would love to be able to see the memorial and obtain clearer photographs of the inscribed names to aid us in our research for the Roll of Honour, which will be published for the centenary of the end of the war, next year.

If you have any information please leave a comment below. Alternatively you can message us privately via our Facebook page.

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