Monday 18 December 2017

Belmont Club WW1 Roll of Honour, Hoyland

This memorial was discovered by Belmont Club member Terry Sidebottom. It has been transcribed and researched by Graham Noble and additional research has been done by Peter Marsden.

Many thanks to Graham Noble for sharing this with the Barnsley War Memorials Project.

The Roll of Honour is rectangular and framed. 79 men are named on the memorial, 14 of whom died during ww1 and 65 who served.  All 14 casualties are remembered on Hoyland War Memorial. 3 of the men Naylor, Patmore and Taylor are commemorated on the memorial tablet in Elsecar Church.

Roll of Honour
Hoyland Town              Belmont
Working Mens Club & Institute

Killed on Service

Andrews E
Marsden J Sgt
Butcher G
Naylor R
Dickens F
Patmore F
Doyle E
Powell J
Joynes H
Sidebottom J Cpl
Kirk J
Taylor G H Sgt
Marshall J
Webster H J

Members Who Joined His Majesty’s Forces
Allott J
Burgin J W
Bishop G
Ball T
Batty J
Batty R
Brack G T
Bourne L
Cox J
Charlton J
Crossland A
Dixon G A
Danforth A J
Dewhirst D
Drinkwater J
Danforth E
Fletcher H
Fozzard C
Grimes F
Guest H
Grimes T
Gregory C
Halpin G
Halpin E
Howells C
Hawkesworth L
Hall A
Higgs T
Hall G
Hague H
Hinton W H
Hirst G
Halpin J
Jackson W E
Johnson G
Kennedy T Sgt
Loftus W
Loftus B
Lowbridge W T
Marshall J Sgt
Marples F
Mellor H
Noble C
Newby J W
Newton G
Oakley G
Pinder H
Palmer W
Peel B
Robinson J
Radley J
Radford F
Shaw J
Spence G
Taylor E
Thorpe F
Lipscombe F
Thompson A
Vaines L
Weekley C Sgt
Wilson E
Walker C H
Wordsworth A

August 1914          November 1918


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