Thursday 21 September 2017

Tankersley School Memorial Postcard

Postcard of the Tankersley school memorial
Theses names are transcribed from a photographic postcard of the Tankersley School Memorial. The memorial's location is currently unknown. The postcard is shared with kind permission of the owner. and has been transcribed by members of the BWMP.

The words carved on the wooden frame are 'For King & Country; and the rest of the memorial reads
The Tankersley School, To the, Glory of God, and in memory.

Oliver Anderson
Leslie Victor Brigstock
Horace Browes
Horace Bruck
Reuben Edward Burkinshaw
Harry Camplin
George Camps
Albert Chambers
Ellis Fenton
Roland Duncan Harris
Lawrence Hedges
Walter Hedges
George Alfred Howard
Vincent Jowett
William Lillie Mellor
Charles Mallinson
William Thomas Norman
Norman Skelton
Sidney George Schofield
Albert Edward Uttley
James Allen Walton



Terry Stevenson said...

The name William Thomas Norman seems to have been missed from your listing.
It should be between Charles Mallinson and Norman Skelton.
William was my Great Uncle.

Fay Polson said...

My apologies, the page has been updated now. He is also remembered in the Roll of Honour which is currently on display at Barnsley Town Hall.