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War Memorial Gravestones in Wombwell Cemetery

During both the First and Second World Wars re-repatriation of the bodies of fallen servicemen and women was not usual.  The Unknown Soldier, entombed in Westminster Abbey represents those buried and commemorated overseas who could not come home.  For many families, deprived of a graveside at which to mourn, one solution was to add the name of their lost son (or daughter) to the family gravestone in their local churchyard.    

The Imperial War Museum's War Memorials' Archive defines a War Memorial as "any tangible object which has been erected or dedicated to commemorate those killed as a result of war, conflict or peacekeeping; who served in war or conflict; or who died whilst engaged in military service."  This includes gravestones which commemorate a casualty buried elsewhere.  There must be a clear statement on the memorial (or in a printed document such as a newspaper report from the time) that defines the commemorative purpose of the feature and reports its erection. The full wording of their definition can be found here.

Thus gravestones which include wording such as: died of wounds received in action, killed in action, fell in France, died on active service, reported missing in action, or even killed accidentally while on active service all count as War Memorials.  The wording is a "clear statement" that the purpose of recording that person's name on the gravestone is as a memorial.

Graves which are situated on the site of the burial of a casualty, such as Commonwealth War Graves, are not War Memorials, however the Barnsley War Memorials Project is also collecting their details for inclusion in the Barnsley Roll of Honour.

Wombwell Cemetery contains 31 Commonwealth War Graves.

Friends of Wombwell Cemetery  - Initially the group started as, and still is, a bona fide branch of the Neighbourhood Watch organisation, with the aim of making the cemetery a safer, cleaner place for all those having lawful business there.  They now tend the graves, give talks, encourage school visits and have won awards for their work.

Soldiers on the Wombwell War Memorial are being researched by Fay Polson and her blogs Wombell Soldiers Remembered  and Wombwell 1914-1918 have photographs and all kinds of information about the men from the area.  She has included a section which contains photographs and transcriptions of the gravestones in Wombwell Cemetery, both War Memorials and burials and this can be found here.

In the list below, where the name is blue click to follow the link to a page with a larger photograph and more information.

 Gravestone Location
Section Row No.
Soldier's Name & Regiment
Date of Death
Thumbnail Photograph
Con 11 1254

BWMP #WMB12/02
Ernest Crooks *
N/C 15 1559

BWMP #WMB12/03

George Boldy

York and Lancaster Rgt

23 July 1916
Con 11 1606

BWMP #WMB12/04
James Hirst

London Regiment

14 September 1918
Con 8 2704

BWMP #WMB12/05
Fred Lax

Yorkshire Regiment

11 November 1916
U/C 4 1221

BWMP #WMB12/06
Frederick Ronald Sokell *
Con 11 1696

BWMP #WMB12/07
Harry Morley

8th Btn York & Lancs Regt

1 July 1916
Con 11 1609

BWMP #WMB12/08

John Tom Tabor
 2nd Vol Btn York & Lancs Rgt
5 March 1902

George William Tabor
1/5th Btn York & Lancs Rgt
7 July 1916
Con 11 1568

Frank Ashton

King's Royal Rifle Corps

29 May 1917
Con 11 1554

BWMP #WMB12/10
Reginald Outram

Royal Engineers

10 October 1916
Con 11 1549

BWMP #WMB12/11
Joseph Henry Hill

King's Royal Rifles

15 July 1916
Con 11 1221

BWMP #WMB12/12
Stanley Sokell

East Yorkshire Regt

3 May 1917
Con 11 1111

BWMP #WMB12/13
Allen Hilton

York and Lancaster Regt

17 August 1918
N/C16 159

 BWMP #WMB12/14
William Clark *
N/C 16 204

BWMP #WMB12/15
George William Parkin *
N/C 16 242

BWMP #WMB12/16
George V Moore *
N/C 16 258

BWMP #WMB12/137
John R Beardshall *
N/C 16 299

BWMP #WMB12/18
Joe Utley

Arthur Utley
N/C 16 325

BWMP #WMB12/19
Albert Robinson *
N/C 16 381

BWMP #WMB12/20
Robert William Burrows *
N/C 16 404

BWMP #WMB12/21
Walter Reginald Booker

Royal Garrison Artillery

15 June 1918
N/C 16 396

BWMP #WMB12/22
Bernard Washington Kilner *
N/C 16 412

BWMP #WMB12/23
Alan Lockwood

East Yorkshire Regt

24 October 1918
N/C 16 419

BWMP #WMB12/24
Sidney Tomlinson *
Con 9 3614

BWMP #WMB12/25
Raymond Bellamy

Northumberland Fusiliers

27 September 1918
U/C 5 1542

BWMP #WMB12/26
Arthur Barker

Kings Royal Rifle Corps

4 April 1918
U/C 2 3030

BWMP #WMB12/27
Charles Henry Costello *
Con 8 1952

BWMP #WMB12/28
Jack Count *
U/C 6 1599B

BWMP #WMB12/29
Harry Dennis *
U/C 6 697C

BWMP #WMB12/30
Charles Exley *
U/C 4 130

BWMP #WMB12/31
William Henry Harper *
U/C 6 389A

BWMP #WMB12/33
Ezra Major Hitchen *
Con 8 1994

BWMP #WMB12/34
Charles Leslie Minett *
U/C 2 3001

BWMP #WMB12/35
William Taylor *
Con 8 2219

BWMP #WMB12/32
George Ledger *
N/C 16 177

BWMP #WMB12/36
William Hinchliffe

York and Lancaster Rgt

15 February 1916

BWMP #WMB12/37
Harry Parkin *
Con 8 2767

BWMP #WMB12/38
George H Barrett

Northumberland Fusiliers

20 October 1916

BWMP #WMB12/39
Tom Hall

William Hall

BWMP #WMB12/40
George Major Hitchen *

BWMP #WMB12/41
Raymond Hudson *
Con 8 2776

BWMP #WMB12/42
Fred Lees

13th Battalion
York & Lancaster Regt

31 January 1918

BWMP #WMB12/43
Alfred Riley Saville *

BWMP #WMB12/44
Harold Skinner *
Con 9 4582

BWMP #WMB12/45
Fred Ward

King's Own Scottish Borderers

1 July 1916

BWMP #WMB12/46
Herbert Gelder *

BWMP #WMB12/47
Harry Rowe *

BWMP #WMB12/48
Enoch Knowles *

BWMP #WMB12/49
Samuel Turton *

BWMP #WMB12/50
Sydney Haller *

BWMP #WMB12/51
Edward Crosland *
Con 11 1204

BWMP #WMB12/52
Alfred Edward Flaxman

South Staffordshire Regt

1 July 1916

BWMP #WMB12/53
Stanley Thomas Sands *

BWMP #WMB12/54
Albert Edward Carr *

BWMP #WMB12/55
Herbert Kilner

Ernest Lockwood

BWMP #WMB12/56
Frank Taylor Utley *

BWMP #WMB12/57
Reuben Vaughan *

BWMP #WMB12/58
Alred Watkin *

BWMP #WMB12/59
James Edward Russell *

BWMP #WMB12/60
Ronald Murfin *

BWMP #WMB12/61
Luke Barker *

BWMP #WMB12/62
George Brough *

BWMP #WMB12/63
Eric Bakewell *
* * *
* * *
* * *
* * *


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