Friday 22 August 2014

Ingbirchworth, Methodist Chapel WW1 Roll of Honour (relocated in shop on Wellthorne Lane)

Ingbirchworth WW1 Roll of Honour on display in local shop
(photo taken 24 August 2014)

Close up of the names on the Roll of Honour (photo 6 August 2014)

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This memorial was brought to our notice by JD of the Penistone History Group.  It was saved from the Methodist Chapel in Ingbirchworth which was put up for sale in 2014
by the organist and her husband and is now on display in their shop on Wellthorne Lane.  There is also a WW2 Roll of Honour on display from the same source.

Photographed by BP of Penistone Camera Club and by Nigel Croft
Transcription by JD

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Ernest Knowles (Supreme Sacrifice),
J Edwin Liles,
Lionel Burer,
Wilfred Hinchliffe
C Godfrey Hinchliffe (Supreme Sacrifice),
Wilfred Hanson (Shell Shock),
Hubert Hanson,
George Town,
George Woodward (Wounded),
Benjamin Hargreaves,
Elijah Hargreaves (Wounded),
Willie Howden (Wounded),
Fred Roebuck (Wounded),
Tom Sykes (Prisoner of War),
Fred Sykes,
Austin R Graves (Wounded),
Fred Scholey (Wounded),
Ben Dickinson,
Firth Dickinson,
Swindon Hanson,
Walker Haigh,
James Town (Prisoner of War),
Alfred Town,
Alfred Gaunt,
George W Beever,
Albert Jackson (Supreme Sacrifice),

Wm Arnold Holmes,
Clifford Sykes,
John Wm Marsden,
Harry Sykes (Wounded),
William Turner (Wounded),
John Turner,
Amos Scholey (Discharged),
Thomas Jackson (Supreme Sacrifice),
Charles Gaunt,
Horace Hanson,
Raymond Hanson (Gassed),
Fred Jackson,
Harry Lockwood,
Frank Gaunt,

Spencer Gaunt,
John Wm Richardson,
Norman Liles,
Wright Hanson,
Rowland Sykes,
Leonard Sykes,
Henry Knowles,
Turner Roebuck,
Hanson Roebuck,
John Charlesworth,
Willie Miller,
Joe Sykes,
Tom Scholey

Arthur Fletcher (Wounded)

Willis Hanson


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