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Thurgoland, WW1 Roll of Honour, Holy Trinity Church, Thurgoland

WW1 Roll of Honour at Holy Trinity Church (photo taken 4 August 2014)
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Transcribed and photographed by Pete Schofield

Roll of Honour

Remember and Pray for these whom their Country called upon in her time of need; those who for the sake of Truth & Right, Justice & Freedom, Humanity & GOD, went forth from their homes & all that they held most dear to do their duty.
Strive for the Truth unto death & the LORD GOD shall fight for thee. Eccus IV 28

Rest Eternal grant unto them O LORD & Let Light perpetual shine upon them.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Asquith, Edward, M.P.
Batty, James, R.G.A. W.
Beet, Arthur, R.E.
Beet, John
Beet, John William, W.Yorks
Beardshall, Reggie
Bentley, Joseph
Birkinshaw, Clifford, W.R. W.
Birkinshaw, Harry, R.F.A. W.dis.
Birkinshaw, Rolling, R.F.
Booker, Lawrence
Booker, Percy , L.R.
Broadbent, Farewell, C.G. W.dis.
Brooke, Thomas, NothsD.
Brook, George, Y&L.
Brown, Frank, E.G. W2.dis.
Brown, Harold, K.O.Y.L.I.
Brown, William, 5thLancas.
Bargan, Archibald, Y&L.
Bartlett, William
Butterworth, Albert
Butterworth, Guy
Chambler, Ernest, A.S.C.M.T.
Cherry, Arthur, M.G.C.
Cherry, George, R.E.
Cherry, William, R.N.
Claytman, Jan., BelgianA.
Coates, William Thomas, dis.
Corbett, Vincent, D.L.I.
Cox, Arthur, Y&L.
Crossley, Ernest, Y&L.
Crossland, Tom, Notts&D.
Craickshank, Cecil, G.I.A.
Denton, Percy, A.O.C.
Downing, Horace, R.F.A. W.dis.
Dransfield, Frank, W.
Dake, Wilfred, M.G.C.
Dunbar, Harry, C.F.A. W3M.M.
Elsworth, Ernest, R.N.
Elsworth, Joseph, A.V.C.
Elsworth, Wilfred   
Fieldsend, Arthur, Y&L.
Frazer, Alexander, Y&L.
Garvin, Hilton
Garvin, Wilfrid, Y&L.
Gleadhill, John W., Notts&D.
Gothard, Frank, Y&L. G.
Gothard, Walter, K.O.Y.L.I.W.D.C.M.
Grayson, Leonard, Y&L W.
Gurrey, Donald, R.E. M.C.
Haigh, Albert
Haigh, Hilton
Haigh, Owen
Haigh, Tom
Haigh, William, R.G.A.
Harris, Tom, Y&L
Hemingway, Philip, Sh.F. W.
Hinkley, Fred, W.R. W.
Hinkley, Walter, W.
Hoyle, Ernest, Y&L. W.
Illingworth, Percy, Y&L.
Jackson, George, W.R. W.
Laycock, Curtis, A.S.C.M.T.
Laycock, Hargot, K.O.Y.L.I. W.
Laycock, Harold, R.N.
Laycock, Rufus, R.N.
Laycock, Vernon, Tr.B.
Linton, Harry, R.M.F. dis.
Marshall, Fred, Notts&D
Marsden, Harold
Martin, Albert Edward, Y&L.
Martin, Robert, K.O.Y.L.I.
Matthewman, Colin, Y&L.
Matthewman, Harry, N.S.
Matthewman, Nicholas, R.G.A.
Mellor, George, E.Y. W.
Moaby, George, Y&L.
Morley, Fred, A.S.C.
McIntyre, Hugh, R.A.M.C.
Oates, Frank, Y&L.
Oldfield, Harold, Notts&D
Ormsby, George, C.S. W3
Ormsby, Stuart Frederick, W.O.
Olive, William Arthur, R.F.
Parkinson, John, R.N.
Parkinson, Titus, Y&L.
Parkinson, William, R.N.
Perry, Lawrence, A.S.C.M.T.
Pegram, George, Mid.R. W.
Piper, Colin, Y&L. W.
Reynolds, Charles Ernest, R.G.A.
Richardson, Eric, R.N.R.
Robinson, Fred, Y&L. M.M.
Rodgers, Arthur, K.O.Y.L.I. Dis.
Rusby, Arthur, Y&L. W.
Rushworth, Thompson, Y&L.
Rutter, William Ernest, R.E.
Senior, Alfred, R.E.
Senior, Arthur, R.A.F.
Senior, Harry, T.M. W2M.M.
Senior, Reginald, W.Y. Dis.
Shepherd, Arthur, Dis.
Shepherd, Ephraim, Y&L.
Shepherd, Gladstone, Sh.F.
Sidebottom, Aaron, R.F.A.
Sidebottom, Hector, Y&L. W.
Silburn, Hubert, Prisoner
Silburn, Lawrence, A.S.C.M.T.
Smith, George Albert
Smith, James, E.Y. W.
Smith, John William, E.Y.
Smith, Joseph, E.Y.
Smith, William Ernest,
Sherburn, Frank, M.G.C.
Sherburn, James, E.L.
Stead, James
Stimson, Stephen, R.G.A.
Stoker, Reginald A., R.A.F.
Spenceley, Ringrose,
Squires, William, C.R.
Swift, Clifford, Y&L.
Swift, Norman, R.E.
Taylor, John Thomas, R.N.
Taylor, Thomas, R.N.V.R. Dis.
Thompson, Colyn, R.N.V.R.
Thorpe, Rowland, Y&L. W.
Wade, Tom, R.F.A. W.dis.
Wade, William, H.L.I.
Wainscote, Arthur, Y&L W.dis
Wainscote, Charles, Y&L W.
Wainscote, Cornelius, E.Y.
Webster, Ernest, Lon.R.
Webster, Frederick, Lon.R.
Webster, Tom, R.T.B.
Witney, Denis, Man.R. W.
Williams, George, R.T.B.
Wilson, James, K.R.R. W.
Wood, Charles L., K.O.Y.L.I.
Wordsworth, Douglas, R.T.B. G.W.
Wordsworth, Arthur, R.F.A. Dis.
Wood, Reginald, R.G.A. W.
Wood, Robert, A.S.C.M.T.
Wood, Francis R., R.E.
Wood, J.A.R., R.E.
Warburton, Robert [Rev.], Y.M.C.A.

Fallen Men

William Hibbert, Y&L
Hubert Kirby Peace, L.R.
Harold Redfearn, Y&L
George Hough, Y&L
Frederick Cox, Y&L
Stanley Downing, C.H.
Colin Clark, Y&L
Percy Smith, Y&L
Vincent Ormsby, C.B. Man.R. 2 May 1917
Sydney Rayner, A.S.C. 10 July 1917
Lewis Goldthorpe M.M., Worc.R. 18 July 1917
Leonard Gale, 29 Oct. 1917
Anderby Shepherd, K.O.Y.L.I. Nov. 1917
Sidney Senior, R.F.A. 21 June 1918
John Green, Y&L
Harold Parkin, A.S.C. 8 Oct. 1918
Albert Butterworth
James Stead
George Brook
Bernard Matthewman


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