Wednesday 9 July 2014

Ardsley, Christ Church, Ardsley United Methodists - WW1 Roll of Honour

WW1 Roll of Honour from Ardsley UM church
(photo taken 9 July 2014)

War Memorials Register listing

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Transcribed and photographed by BarnsleyHistorian

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Close up of Names on Ardsley UM Roll of Honour
Arthur Jepson,
Geo D Gamwell,
Thos R Masters,
Wifred Francis,
Charles Bower,
Wm Hibbert,
Arthur Harding,
Herbert Lazenby,
Thomas Myers,
Ernest Boulton,
Fred Boulton,
Norman Rogerson,
James Walton,
Geo Wm Ellis,
Samuel Ellis,
Enoch Page,
Joseph Cox,
Arthur Bagshaw,
Arthur Beaumont,
Ernest Butcher,
Albert Butcher,
Laret Beardsall,
Arthur Brook,
Walter Brook,
Frank Brook,
Harry Brook,
Frank Bird,
Arthur Craven,
Robert Craven,
Jas Ed Thompson,
Joseph Walton,
George Walton,
Harry Walton,
John Wm Bennett,
G Bartholomew,
E W Bartholomew,
T Bartholomew,
Arthur Gosling,
Adam Cook,
J C Harston,
Thos Glover,
Harry Glover,
Frank Glover,
Fred Harper,
Edgar Dunhill,
Thos Masters,
Arthur Masters,
Ben Johnson,
Arthur Johnson,
Ben Kitchen,
Arthur Kitchen
Geo T Norton,
Horace Poulter,
Herbert Wraith,
Albert Hawcroft,
Reggie L Gamwell,
Charles Mollatt,
Herbert Seeds,
Arthur Wood,
Arthur Wollerton,
Arthur Wilkinson,
Sam Wilkinson,
Charles Howard,
Joseph Gibson,
Norman Rogerson,
Ben Rogerson,
Wilfred Tolson,
Albert Tolson,
Irvine Walters,
George Ward,
Thos Ridgeway,
Joseph Slater,
John Bradford,
John Wm Johnson,
William Phillipps,
Ben Gosling,
Samuel Bullen,
Walter Beckett,
Fred Proctor,
Lawrence Arnold,
Joseph Bower,
J Waddington,
Horace Cooper,
John Phillipps,
J A Parkinson,
Walter Shaw,
Albert Shaw,
Harry Harrison,
Herbert Sykes,
John Bower,


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