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Darfield, WW2 Roll of Honour, Maurice Dobson Museum & Heritage Centre

Darfield "Men of our Parish" Roll of Honour (photo taken by JD)


War Memorials Archive listing

War Memorials Online listing

Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
Researched by MAC

Photographed by Jean Davies in difficult light conditions

Transcription of 391 names by Jean Davies with technical assistance from her grandson

Description from War Memorials Archive:
Glazed, illuminated hand painted and written roll of honour in wooden frame. Symbols to men missing, killed, prisoners, wounded. Left hand picture depicts Christ blessing men in uniform of all races before him. Right hand picture shows airman, sailor and soldier. Names in centre panel.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Raymond Andrews,
Kenneth Andrews,
Thomas Atkins,
Eric Ashwood,
Frank Ashwood,
Richard Adams,
Jack Auty,
Irving Mccardle,
Roland Mccardle,
Stanley Mccardle,
Albert Adams,
Gerald Aston,
Elijah Auld,
Roy P Aldred,
Clifford Allat,
Tom E Allott,
Alfred Bladen,
Thomas W Bowden,
Jack Caswell ,
Ernest Dane,
Frank A Davis,
Jack Godfrey,
Eric Nicholls,
William Peel,
Fred Vizard,
Jim Stoyles,
Albert Royston,
Sidney Wilmott,
Frank R Webster,
Leslie Briggs,
Lionel Brown,
John Brown,
Roy Bentley,
George Bates,
Arthur Barnett,
Kenneth Barber,
George Barnes,
John Beck,
Arthur Beardshaw,
Harry Bielby,
Frank Beckett,
Thomas Bielby,
Allan Bennett,
William Beresford,
Eric Burkinshaw,
Frank Birch,
Walter Birch,
Joseph Blount,
Wilfred Boyce,
Leonard Burrows,
John Bushby,
Maurice Bushby,
Ronald Burnham,
Albert Boyes,
George Bissett,
Bernard Blackford,
Reginald Bedford,
Walter Brookes,
George Bradbury,
Thomas Bisby,
Jack Baxter,
Colin Briddock,
Bernard Bouskill,
Cyril Barnes,
Horace Beck,
Arthur D Barnes,
Peter Beck,
Norman Bailey,
Maurice Bardsley,
Gordon Brown,
Roland Birch,
George Candlin,
Harry Chadwick,
Felix Callaghan,
Charles Chambers,
Walter Cox ,
Charlie Cook,
John Clayton,
Frank Corbett,
Harry Casson,
Laurence Clarke,
Harry Creighton,
John Carr,
Fred Cartledge,
George Collier,
Alec Clarney,
Robert Campbell,
James Chambers,
Cyril Coe,
Wilfred Cleasby,
Henry Crossley,
Jack Caswell,
John Eric Carr,
John Crossley,
William A Clarke,
James Chase,
James Clarney,
Eric Carver,
Bernard G Carr,
Geoffrey Cartledge,
Jack Chance,
Arthur Carr,
Douglas Carr,
John Dallamore,
Raymond Dando,
Ernest Deardon,
Herbert Dobson,
Harry Dransfield,
Harold  Dronfield,
Sam Dunn,
Luke Duffield,
Albert O Dove,
William H Dixon ,
Francis Dove,
Arthur Dronfield,
Eric Dook,
Colin Dixon,
Joseph Davies,
Ernest Dane,
Tom Dobie,
Thomas Debney,
Harold Dennis,
Frank A Davis,
Jack Ellis,
Allan Emmott,
Arthur Frost,
Sam Frost,
George Foley,
Mathew Finlay,
Harry Fisher,
Ernest Fernyhough,
George Ferneyhough,
George Fisher,
George Furniss,
Maurice Field,
Albert Frudd,
Royal Fereday,
Sydney Freear,
Fred Firth,
James Fowler,
Warnford Fearons,
Eric Furness,
Gordon Griffiths,
Arthur Griffiths,
Fred Griffiths,
Fred Galloway,
Alfred Goodridge,
Arthur Goodridge,
Harry Grimshaw,
John Gillis,
George Goodall,
Jack Godfrey,
Bert Gomersall,
Maurice Grinoff,
Horace Gyte,
Charles Goodwin,
Maurice Guest,
Harold Gaskell,
Henry K Green,
Albert Guest,
Donald Gomersall,
Roy Griffiths,
Walter Halpine,
Percy Hargate,
Harold Horner,
Newton Hall,
Irving Hall,
Roland Hanson,
Tom Hatton,
Cedric Hepworth,
Albert Hodgson,
Harland Hodgson,
George Hill,
John Hill,
Raymond Higgins,
Frank Hibbert,
Thomas Howdle,
Jack Hurd,
Robert Hutchinson,
Alan Hopcroft,
Ronald Hibbert,
John Mchale,
Arthur Hall,
Percy Hargate,
Gilbert Heeley,
Herbert Heeley,
Thomas Hough,
Cornelius Hicks,
Horace Hall,
James Hall,
Albert Hepworth,
Desmond Hayes,
Fred Holbrook,
Bernard Horseman,
Thomas Ingman,
Alvin Illesley,
Joseph Jackson,

Arthur Jobling,
Ernest Jones,
Edward Jones,
Fred Johnson,
Harold Jones,
Richard Jukes,
Walter Jobling,
Arthur Kellett,
Sam Keanley,
Stephen Kearsley,
Jack Knight,
James Kay,
Brian Keen-Smith,
Edward Law,
Sam Lee,
Albert Lenton,
Stanley Shaw,
Irving Law,
George Lancaster,
Robert Lister,
Robert Lancaster,
Alfred Lister,
James Lawrence,
Frank Makings,
Arthur Massey,
George Marshall,
Robert Marley,
James Marsh,
Eric Matthewman,
Peter Morris,
George Morton,
Vincent Moore,
Thomas Molyneux,
Frank Millington,
Jack Marley,
John Markham,
Joseph Millsom,
William Millington,
Hedley Mitchell,
Arthur C Martin,
Colin Mynett,
Jock Murray,
Albert Millsom,
Stanley Naylor,
Arthur Nicholls,
Eric Nicholls,
Clifford Nicholls,
Alan Nicholls,
Benjamin Nicholls,
Laurence Newton,
Ernest Nowell,
Lewis Nicholson,
George Neville,
Rex Neville,
Richard Ogden,
James Ogden,
Horace Oldfield,
James Oldfield,
Thomas O Brien,
James Oliver,
Kenneth Oliver,
Harold Owen,
Jack Parkin,
Clifford Peel,
Frank A Purple,
Horace Pickering,
Charles Parker,
Leslie Perkins,
William Peel,
Harry Pitchford,
Ronald Platts,
John Prescott,
James Prescott,
Frank Perry,
John Pugsley,
William Pearson,
John Perry,
Geo T Platts,
Wyndham Park,
Lawrence Paradine,
Thomas Roberts,
Fred Richardson,
Wm Randerson,
Norman Roebuck,
George Roebuck,
Bernard Roebuck,
Fred Rowbottom,
John Rolling,
Edward Round,
Ernest Robinson,
Albert Royston,
John Rawlinson,
Fred Richards,
Roland Renshaw,
Ronald Rostance,
John Richards,
Frank Rowbottom,
Fred Randerson,
Harold Royston,
Douglas Sayles,
Dennis Scott,
Norman Shepherd,
Roydon Slater,
Charles Smith,
Angus Smith,
Gordon Smith,
Herbert Smith,
Richard J Strickland,
Harry Shaw,
Jim Stoyles,
Arthur Sutcliffe,
Thomas Singleton,
Brian Spencer,
Edward Sizer,
Christopher Staniforth,
Kenneth Smith,
Fred Smith,
Nat Shipman,
Gordon Scott,
Dan Sullavan,
Vincent Sheppard,
John Sykes,
Richard Sixsmith,
Norman Shepherd,
Owen Sheppard,
Noah Short,
Kenneth Sanders,
Guy Smith,
Jack Shaw,
Arthur Shaw,
Victor Stables,
Herbert Steer,
Frederick C Upton,
Fred Vizard,
Stanley Tinker,
George Twigger,
George Thompson,
Joseph Townsens,
Colin Thompson,
Harold C H Taylor,
William Titheridge,
Owen Thompson,
Leslie Thompson,
Eric Taylor,
Eric Claude Taylor,
William Willetts,
Arthur Ward,
Albert Ward,
George Walker,
Jack Warner,
Ernest Wake,
Fred Winder,
Kenneth Wilks,
Alfred Worral,
Harry Wilkinson,
John West,
T. Whitehouse,
Norman White,
James Wroe,
Roy Wilkinson,
Ross T Wildman,
John Wilks,
Tom Wilks,
Sydney Willmott,
Wm Woodward,
George Wright,
G. Wainwright,
Jack Whitehead,
John Wistow,
Arnold Worral,
Cyril Worral,
Frank Wardle,
Frank Ward,
Ernest Waller,
Eric Wilson,
Fred B Walker,
Harry Ware,
Kenneth Wilkinson,
Horace Webb,
Dewis Walker,
Ernest Wilkinson,
Theodore Wraith,
James Whitehead,
John C Whitehead,
Herbert West,
Frank R Webster,
Norman Welford,
T. Wilks,
Harry Young,



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