Wednesday 23 July 2014

Cudworth Village Club, WW1 Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour listing 118 Members of Cudworth Village Club who Enlisted
(thanks to JH for the photos)


War Memorials Register listing

War Memorials Online listing

Photographed by JH

Transcribed by BarnsleyHistorian

There is also a matching WW1 Memorial Plaque which lists the men who fell.

Cudworth Village Club & Institute Society Ltd

European War
Members Enlisted

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Armstrong S,
Bailey D,
Bowering J,
Brown E,
Bentley J D,
Bland T,
Booty E (jnr),
Bowering H,
Burley A,
Brooks W,
Crowther J,
Clare H,
Casey J,
Cullen J,
Chapman A,
Driver A,
Dean H,
Davis J,
Dobson E,
Dobson W,
Deakin A,
Everitt H S,
Foulkes W (jnr),
Finan T,
Furguson W,
Goulding B,
Grocock O,
Gambles G H,
Goulding E,
Greaves L,
Garforth S,
Gallear W (jnr),
Haigh J,
Hawkins J,
Hawkins A E,
Harlow A,
Hutchinson F,
Holmes T,
Haigh W,
Hamer A,
Haigh H,
Hague J W,
Hoyes C,
Iveson H H,
Johnson Wm,
Jepps E,
Kensington I,
Lodge R,
Lodge W A,
Lodge Walter,
Leadbeater A,
Leadbeater C,
Lacey Harold,
Lodge A,
Lawton F,
Langham D,
Lister B,
Morby R A,
Meynell E,
Madder P,
Moore E,
Nixon G W,
Newton H,
Parton G,
Parkin W,
Pankhurst W,
Parkin J A,
Pritchard A,
Pritchard E,
Padgett J (jnr),
Pedrick D,
Rowe G A,
Race B,
Race S,
Roscoe J W,
Race Ethelbert,
Reeder J,
Smith B,
Simpson J,
Stanley G,
Surr J E,
Seston W,
Sewell J J,
Sargeson H (jnr),
Swann M,
Standish W,
Steel B L,
Stevenson A,
Snowden T (jnr),
Scatchard G,
Sedgewick F,
Shaw G H,
Taylor H,
Taylor W,
Tingle A,
Thompson A,
Taylor J W,
Underwood F,
Underwood J E,
Vickers J,
Ward Wm,
Watson G C,
Woodward G,
Wright W H,
Wales G,
Waterhouse J T,
West E,
Wakefield T,
Winter T A,
Wood W,
Waite G,
Wood S,
Ward G,
Wilson Hbt,
Walshaw G,
Williamson E,
Young J,
Youell G.


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