Friday 11 July 2014

Barnsley Holy Rood Church, SWW Plaque, Shrine and Book of Remembrance

Photographs taken 9th July 2014
Photographs taken 9th July 2014

War Memorials Archive listing

War Memorials Online listing
(includes more photographs of a larger shrine and of details thereon, photos which were taken by members of the church in March 2019)

Transcribed and photographed by KingstoneHistory

Inscription in the Book of Remembrance:
To the Glory of God, In honour of our English Saints, 
Cardinal John Fisher and Sir Thomas More
who laid down their lives for the Church of God in the XV1th century
This Shrine is erected by a Grateful People in memory of those who likewise laid down their lives in defence of their Country and their homes during the War with the forces of evil from 3rd September 1939 to June 1945
On whose souls Sweet Jesus have mercy. May they rest in peace

The Book of Remembrance was written and illuminated by Wm F Gothard and bound by L H H Glover ARCA 1946


Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Boylan, Harold. Pte
Carnevalli, Gerard
Carroll, Walter
Cunningham, Thos. Lieut, RNVR
Duncan, John Herbert
Durnan, John
Downey, J G. Pte KOYLI
Foy, John
Galvin, James Francis. Lieut, RAC
Hynes, John. Pte
Hanson, Joseph. Lieut.
Hardware, Leslie Gordon
Hyslop, William J
Johnson, William Leonard
Kenny, Thomas Brendon. Flg, Sgt, RAF
Lavan, Michael
Lawless, James Francis. FO
Lee, Michael
Levi, Joseph Benjamin
McGrath, Francis
McNicholas, Thomas
Martin, Bryan 
Meade, Donald Francis. Sgt RAF
Morgan, Francis RAF
Millar, Henry L/C
Newton, William Henry. Gnr RA
Regan, Walter. P/O RAF
Regan, William. RAF
Richardson, Francis Joseph
Richardson, William
Rushforth, George
Richardson, Desmond. RAF
Sheridan, Vincent
Taylor, John P.
Wilcock, Thomas. A/B
Young, John Cuthbert. Lieut MBF (Mil) 


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