Monday 1 December 2014

Hoyland War Memorial, Additional Names, Kirk Balk, Hoyland

Hoyland War Memorial (photo taken 30 November 2014)
Close up of the 2014 commemorative plaque and one panel of additional names

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Researched by Peter Marsden

Additional names photographed by Nigel Croft.
Transcribed by BarnsleyHistorian.

To Our Glorious Dead 2014

The memorial, with 77 additional WW1 names and 88 additional WW2 names, was rededicated at a short service on Saturday 8 November 2014.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

World War One

Bailey J W,
Bartram T A,
Bakewell F,
Bakewell H,
Batty A,
Blackburn A,
Braham G,
Butcher J A,
Camplin H,
Carrington J T,
Cooper J A,
Crawshaw G,
Crowther M,
Davey C,
Dodson C,
Duke W,
Evans H,
Fillingham W,
Fisher J,
Fox W H,
Garnett H E,
Garwood H,
Gill E J,  (Edmund J Gill)
Gould R,
Green W,
Griffin M,
Guest E,
Guest F,
Guest W H,
Haigh W,
Hallsworth W,
Handley W H,
Harrison W,
Hawthorne P,
Heath A,
Hewitt J W,
Higgins T,
Holmes F,
Howard G A,
Jackson G E,
Jackson H,
Kay T,
Lindley W,
Lockwood A,
Mallender E,
Marshall J W,
Mellor W,
Midwood A,
Monaghan J H,
Paisley J,
Pearson R,
Peatfield R,
Pope R H,
Ratcliffe R S,
Read H,
Reeves F,
Royston F,
Ryalls F,
Shannon J,
Sharpe F,
Sidebottom A C,
Simpson W,
Smelt W E,
Smith W,
Stanger H,
Teece T E,
Teedon W,
Thomas H,
Thomas L,
Toone R,
Townshend C T,
Turner E,
Wagstaff F,
Watkin W W,
Watkinson R A,
White L,
Woodruff J E,

World War Two

Addy D,
Allinson W,
Bagnall J,
Bamforth C,
Beech A,
Beever G,
Blythe J D H,
Booth J,
Booth J H,
Bosworth P,
Boulton G,
Bramwell W,
Burgin F R,
Caton F E,
Camm J A,
Camm W H,
Casey H,
Clegg N E,  (Norman Edward Clegg)
Coakes A E,
Collier R,
Cotterell PH,
Cretton H,
Crump C,
Cumberbatch H,
Cutts G,
Dobson R,
Dudhill L A,
Eadon A,
Ellam G,
Evans A C,
Fletcher G F,
Frogson F,
Gillott F,
Goldthorpe R,
Green J W,
Hague S,
Halpin J L,
Hardwick G,
Harrold D,
Hickman E,
Howe T A,
Hurry R,
Jackson J T,
Kitchen W,
Lax E,
Lomas O,
Lowbridge H O,
Marsland J,
McAllister H O,
Manley J,
Mellor F,
Mellor H,
Moore D,
Morris T,
Naylor W B, (William Burt Naylor)
Newby C H,  (Charles Henry Newby - civilian)
Newstead G W,
Newton S,
Noble D,
Owen W,
Oxspring H U,
Oxspring W R,
Parry W G,
Plowman E,
Portman J,
Quilter H,
Quinney F,
Robininson T,
Savage W,
Skorrow E,
Slack E,
Slack L,
Stringer M,
Sutcliffe L,
Taylor J,
Trevey J,
Turner W,
Vaines C,
Waddington E,
Walker T M,
Walker W,
Waller D,
Ward J H,
Watson W J,
Williams L,
Wray I H,
Wright C L,
Worthy E.


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