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Wath upon Dearne, All Saints, FWW Roll of Honour, formerly St James' Church


Roll of Honour 1914-1919 St James Church, Wath


War Memorials Register listing  

War Memorials Online listing

Photographed by Nigel Croft 25 September 2021


Roll of Honour
*in scroll across wreath and flag* For King and Country
European War 1914-1919
Names of Those Who have Joined His Majesty's Forces
From the District of
St James' Church, Wath-on-Dearne


Where further information has been discovered for any of these men it will be linked (look for names underlined and in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.  In this way we try to avoid duplication and encroaching on the research of other groups and individuals.

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Addy, A
Allen, F
Ashwin, G H
Ashwin, H M H
Bailey, JH
Barber, C
Barlow, A
Barret, SE
Barrowclough, L
Beaumont, J
Beeley, W
Beilby, W
Bellamy, S
Bentley, R
Bingley, G W
Bingley, S
Bird, W
Blackburn, E
Blundy, C
Bracegirdle, J
Bradshaw, J
Bramall, H
Bramall, J
Bramall, L
Brough, E
Brown, E
Bunn, F
Bunn, J
Butler, E
Butt, GW
Carnall, J H
Carr, C
Carr, E W
Carr, H
Carter, B
Cartwright, J
Cawthorn, T
Chevalier, F
Clark, A J
Clark, C F
Clark, H B
Clark, J W
Clarke, W A
Clerehugh, J J
Clough, J H
Coggan, T
Conroy, J
Cooper, E
Cooper, H
Copeland, S
Creamer, T W
Croft, W H
Crummock, W
Cummins, H
Cusworth, E
Cusworth, H
Cutts, L
Dale, F T
Dalton, D
Dalton, E
Dalton, F
Dalton, L
Damms, A
Damms, W
Darby, T
Darley, G
Darwin, J D
Darwin, J T
Davison, G
Dibb, I
Duffy, E
Duffy, J
Duffy, T B
Duke, C
Durrans, E Miss
Durrans, F S
Dyson, O
Earl, H
Earl, W E
Edwards, J F
Edwards, J T
Egerton, WC 
Elliot, L
Ellis, T H H
Ellmer, J R
Epsley, A
Eyre, F
Fearnhead, W
Fennell, A
Fisher, E
Fletcher, S
Flood, A
Flood, W
Ford, J
Fox, E
Fox, J T
Fox, W W
Froggatt, J
Garbett, E
Garbett, F
Garbett, G
Garbett, J
Garbett, J H
Garbutt, V 
Gedney, J
Gething, T
Gibson, A
Gilford, W
Glendinning, A
Greaves, J W
Green, A
Gregory, H
Grime, R
Hackford, P W
Hadley, G
Hadwin, H
Haigh, W
Hales, H
Hallett, H
Hanley, H
Hanley, P
Hardwick, F
Ibberson, C
Harrison, G
Hartley, F
Hartley, J H
Hartley, W
Harwood, J
Heaton, F
Hewitt, G
Hinchley, H
Hobson, F
Hollings, M
Holmes, R
Howson, G
Howson, H
Hoyle, H
Huckstep, G
Huckstep, H
Hunter, G
Hutchinson, G
Hyde, J A
Jackson, A
Jackson, D
Jackson, J
Jaques, T
Johnson, D
Johnson, G
Johnson, H
Johnson, W
Jones, A E
Kelly, T
Kemp, A J
Kemp, C S
King, T
Kirby, W
Kitchin, W
Knibbs, G
Large, T
Law, C
Law, J
Leak, E
Lidster, H
Lincoln, S
Lister, S
Ibberson, H
Lister, W
Locke, H
Mack, H
Maclean, G A
Maclean, H A
Mansbridge, B
Mansbridge, J A
Martin, B J
Mash, H
Matthews, J
Mattock, G F
Mattock, J H
Milner, S
Mitchell, A
Mitchell, F
Mitchell, P
Morris, J
Mottershead, A
Munro, S
Musgrove, A
Nettleship, A
Nettleship, T
Nicholls, A
Nicholls, F
Nicholls, H
Nicholls, H,
Nicholls, J
Norman, F
Oates, J W
Oldham, A E
Oldham, J
Oldham, J W
Oldham, W
Osborne, H
Panton, J A
Parker, T
Patrick, G A
Payne, H
Pears, H
Peploe, F J
Philips, H H
Powell, A
Ibberson, P 
Pyott, A
Pyott, J
Pyott, W F
Rawson, W
Redgwell, A
Redgewell, J T
Reynolds, F
Robinson, H
Robinson, V
Robson, R
Robson, W A
Rose, L
Rowbotham, T 
Rider, W
Salmons, C
Salmons, J
Saxton, J
Siddons, G A
Skelton, E C
Smalley, F
Smalley, T
Smith, C
Smith, C W
Smith, J B
Smith, P
Smithson, G W
Smithson, L
Soloman, J
South, R
Spurr, W
Stables, S
Steer, G
Steer, H
Steer, T
Steer, W
Stocks, C
Stocks, C E
Stocks, E L
Stocks, F W
Stonehouse, A B
Sykes, A B
Sykes, J
Sykes, P
Sykes, W
Tate, C
Tavender, T C
Thompson, E
Thwaites, W
Tomlinson, W H
Travers, J
Truelove, W
Turner, A
Turner, F I
Turton, J
Turton, W
Thwaite, S
Usher, W
Vaughan, S
Vickers, S
Waddington, E
Wadsworth, J
Walker, F
Walker, G
Walker, S
Walton, J
Walton, S
Walton, T
Walton, W
Warburton, F
Warren, J
Whiteley, J
Whiteley, W
Whitfield, J
Whorton, C H
Wild, J
Williams, A
Williams, C H
Williams, J H
Wilson, E
Wilson, J W
Winch, G N
Woods, W J
Worrall, H C
Wroe, G


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