Saturday 9 October 2021

Wath upon Dearne, All Saints Church, Wath Main Colliery Memorial


Wath Main Colliery Memorial, now in All Saints Church
(photographed 25 September 2021)


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Photographed by Nigel Croft

Researched and Transcribed by BarnsleyHistorian


To the Glorious Memory of the Men
of the Wath Main Colliery
Whose Names are Recorded Here.
Who Gave their Lives in the Great War,
Their Name Liveth for Evermore.

The Wath Main Colliery war memorial was unveiled on Saturday 12 November 1922 by Captain B. H. Pickering M.C., a former manager of the Colliery. It was positioned on the wall between the new pay offices and surrounded by a semi-circular iron fence with steps at the base. There are 125 names on this memorial. 

It would be nice to have a photograph of the memorial in its original position in the Colliery yard. I have tried to work out where it might have been on an old map and this is my best guess. The semi-circular lines just below my red marker might be the fence referred to above.

1967 map of Wath Main Colliery yard. Is this the location of the war memorial?
Image from

Where further information has been discovered for any of these men it will be linked (look for names underlined and in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.  In this way we try to avoid duplication and encroaching on the research of other groups and individuals.

Adams, C
Addy, A
Ashwin, G J H
Banks, C
Barlow, A
Barrs, G E
Batty, A
Beevers, A
Bell, J
Bennett, J E
Blackwell, R
Boldy, G
Booth, J
Bower, E
Briant, B H
Brookes, A
Burdin, C
Bywater, G W
Calvert, H
Castle, H
Catling, G A
Cave, H
Clark, A J
Clarke, J W
Clarke, W A
Clearey, J
Coggin, T
Collier, T
Cook, A
Cook, G
Crossley, A
Cusworth, C
Cutts, E
Dickinson, S V
Dickinson, T
Durose, F
Earl, W E
Ellis, B E
Farrar, R
Finerty, P
Fletcher, S
Froggatt, P
Frost, A W
Fullwood, W
Garbett, F
Garbutt, V
Griffiths, W
Hague, J
Hardy, A
Harrison, T
Hatfield, G H
Heppenstall, G
Hessam, W
Hill, E
Horton, J
Hubbard, J
Hudson, H
Hutchinson, W
Johnson, F
Johnson, J
Jones, R A
Kershaw, J W
Kettlewell, G
Kirby, W
Law, L A
Lidster, C T
Limber, J
Lister, W
Mangham, E
Mansell, E
Marshall, G
Matthews, G
Matthews, J
Monks, W
Moore, H
Moore, M
Morley, J
Newham, J
Newton, G
Norris, E
Osborne, H
Oxer, W
Pears, H
Pearson, G
Petty, W H
Pyott, T J
Pyott, W P
Roberts, W H
Robinson, C A
Roper, W
Ryalls, H
Sanderson, O
Scott, F J
Severns, J
Shaw, P A
Simister, A
Simms, A H
Simpson, G
Sleight, E D
Smeaton, J T
Smith, A
Smith, S
Smith, W
South, G
Summers, J
Sutton, W
Swallow, J T
Sykes, A
Thompson, M
Thompson, T W
Thornsby, R H
Trickett, H
Turner, A
Turner, J A
Vickers, L
Watson, W
White, E
Whitham, C
Wibberley, J
Wilde, T H
Williams, J
Wilson, F B
Wilson, R
Worrall, J


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