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Monk Bretton Working Men's Club WW1 Roll of Honour

WW1 Roll of Honour (photo taken 30 July 2014)

War Memorials Register listing

War Memorials Online listing

Photographed by Nigel Croft

Original photo and information by Peter Atkinson and many thanks to the Club for welcoming us in to take further photos.

Newspaper research by BarnsleyHistorian

The Roll of Honour / recording the names of those gallant members of the / Monk Bretton Club / who took arms for their Country in the Great War of 1914

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

The list of names on the Roll of Honour in the photo above and the list that appeared in the Barnsley Chronicle on 26 March 1921 differ slightly.

On Roll of Honour photo
Barnsley Chronicle
Ball TH, 
Carr H,
Carr J,
Cherry E,
Clarke T,
Cowley J,
Draper T,
Duffy T,
Eastwood H,
Enock C,
Firth H,
Freeman F,
Green J R,
Hadfield J,
Harrison L,
Hellewell A,
Johnson A,
Johnson E,
Jones H L,
Knight T,
Lancaster G B,
Mackenzie A,
Organ E,
Organ H,
Scott G,
Sheard F,
Silcock H,
Sowden J G,
Thompson H H,
Todd FW,
Walton W,
Waters S,
Waters W,
Watts T,
Wilson GW,
Wilson S.
Ball, T H,
Carr, H,
Cherry, T,
Cherry, E,
Clarke, T,
Cowley, J,
Draper, T,
Duffy, T,
Eastwood, H,
Enock, C,
Firth, H,
Freeman, F,
Green, J R,
Hadfield, J,
Harrison, L,
Hellewell, J,
Johnson, A,
Johnson, E,
Jones, H L,
Knight, T,
Lancaster, G B,
Mackenzie, A,
Organ, E,
Organ, H,
Scott, G,
Sheard, F,
Silcock, H,
Sowden, J G,
Thompson, H H,
Todd, F W,
Walton, W,
Waters, S,
Waters, W,
Watts, T
Wilson, G W,

Wilson, S,

Barnsley Chronicle 26 March 1921
(thanks to Barnsley Archives)

Names of Members who sacrificed their lives:

Carr, J,  (Joseph Carr)
Harrison, L,
Johnson, A,
Knight, T,
Mackenzie, A,
Silcock, H, (Henry Silcock)

Waters, S,

Monk Bretton's Roll of Honour
Unveiled by Capt Lancaster
Memorable Ceremony at the Village Club

On Sunday evening (21st March 1921) an impressive ceremony was performed at the Monk Bretton Working Men's Club, when Capt G B Lancaster unveiled a Roll of Honour to members of the club who served with HM Forces during the great war. [...] The Roll of Honour, which is not yet complete, bears 42 names and more are to be added.

The cutting mentions other names to be added, but this does not appear to have been done:

O Gilmore,
A Wardman,
G Harston,
R Manterfield,
G Acklam,
W E Dodd,
L L Duffy,
J Burton,
F Kirk,
A King,
W Reeves,
P H Johnson,
H H Johnson.


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Freida Johnson Allan said...

I was very interested and proud of the comments made by my Great Grandfather, Joseph William Johnson, President of the South Yorkshire Branch of the Club Union at that time. He was a credit to the Johnson family and to Monk Bretton.