Friday 20 December 2013

Dodworth, Dodworth Green Road and High Street junction

Dodworth War Memorial photographed December 2013


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Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
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Barnsley Chronicle 19 May 1923
(thanks to Barnsley Archives)

1914 - 1918

Allport T C  Capt,  (Thomas Coote Allport)
Addlington H  Sgt,
Arnold H   Pte,
Austin W   L/Cpl,
Betton E  L/Cpl,
Bilton J G   Pte,
Bower E  Pte,  (Edwin Bower)
Bower T  Pte,  (Tom Bower)
Briggs R  Cpl,
Brown W  H  Sig, (Henry Wilkinson Brown)
Burton J  Sgt,
Clowery E   Pte,
Collier S  Pte,
Cole H  Pte,  (Harry Cole)
Crawshaw S  Pte,
Crawshaw R   Pte,
Dudley B  Pte,
Fearn A  Pte,
Folks W  Cpl,
Firth P  Pte,
Hepworth J  Pte,
Hoyland C  Pte,
Holmes P  J   L/Cpl,
Hattersley F   L/Sgt,
Hutchinson A   Pte,
Kaye L  Pte,
Kirk S Pte,
Martindale H  Pte,
Millard H   Pte,
Ramsden W  L/Cpl,
Robinson A  Pte,
Sanders A   L/Cpl,
Sanderson M  Pte,
Senior C  L/Cpl,  (Cyril Senior)
Senior G  Pte,
Senior H  H  Pte,
Simpson W  Pte,
Smith H  Pte,
Steele J O  Sgt, (Joseph Oxley Steele)
Sykes J  M M  Sgt,
Sykes A Cpl,
Strutt G Pte,
Totty H  Pte,
Townend F  Pte,
Walshaw F Pte,
Westby T   Lieut,
Whittles H  Pte,
Wood C  Pte,
Winterburn W  Pte,
Youel W Pte,
Armfield C E  Pte,
Spruce S  Pte,
Brooks B  Pte,
Green J  Eyre Pte,
Pickering C  Cpl,

1939 - 1945

Baines F  Gnr,  (Frank Baines)
Bamforth P  Pte,
Barker A  Pte,
Barrett E  A/B,
Darlow J  Pte,
Fisher F W  Sgt Gnr,
Garritty E  Gnr,
Gough M  F/Sgt,
Green H  Pte,
Hartley D  Sgt,
Hodgson H  Pte,
Sanders A  Pte,
Hepworth J  Sgt,
Jones R H  Sgt ,
McGoldrick M  Pte,
Riding H  LAC,
Stafford W A  Scn,
Strutt C  Pte,
Taylor N  Sgt,
Thompson N  L/Bdr,
Turton A  O/S,
Whitaker G  P/O,
Bradley J A  Coder,



Anonymous said...

I have full information on the actions and casualty details of my relative Pte H Smith. Please advise.

BarnsleyHistorian said...


A group from Barnsley U3A who meet at Dodworth Library are studying the men named on Dodworth War Memorial. If you could contact me I could put you in touch with their organiser, Robert Green.

Secretary BWMP

Unknown said...

Any details on Sgt J Burton? I am an American descendant of a John Burton from that area that served in WW1