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Worsborough Common, St Lukes Church, Highstone Road

War Memorial at St Luke's Church, Worsbrough Common


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Transcribed and photographed by BarnsleyHistorian
This memorial is being researched in depth by BarnsleyHistorian

"Erected by the inhabitants of Worsbro’ Common in memory of the fallen of this parish in the Great War"   

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Barnsley Chronicle 12 Nov 1921
(thanks to Barnsley Archives)

Cornish, J,  (John Edwin Cornish)
Jepson, J E, (John Edward Jepson)

Cullumbine, J, (James Cullambine)
Harrison, W J, (Wilfred Jagger Harrison)
Mann, J, (John Mann)
Priestley, F, (Fred Priestley)
Woodhouse, G, (George Woodhouse)

Askin, D, (David Askin)
Armitage, J, (John Armitage)
Dunn, A E, (Albert Ernest Dunn)
Lyons, C, (George Lyons)
Merril, E, (Ernest Merrill)
Malkin, W, (William Malkin)
Parker, W W, (Walter William Parker)
Roystone, E, (Eli Royston)
Sagar, T, (Thomas Sagar)
Shepherd, H, (Horace Shepherd)
Tindall, W, (William Padley Tindall)
Wood, A, (Harry Wood)
Jackson, J, (John Jackson)
Smith, S. (Samuel Smith)

Armitage, G, (George Armitage)
Cawthorne, C H (Charles Henry Cawthorne)
Hewitt, C A G, (George Alfred Guest Hewitt)
Humphrey, J A, (John Alan Humphrey)
Kenny, John, (John Kenny)
Kenny, Jas, (James Kenny)
Lawton, W, (William Lawton)
Nixon, S, (Samuel Nixon)
Prince, W, (William Prince)
Thornley, J W,(James W Thornley)

Armitage, W, (William Armitage)
Atherton, F, (Frank Atherton)
Ardron, E, (Ernest Ardron)
Brannon, J,
Blackshaw, G, (George Blackshaw)
Copley, T H, (Thomas Hunton Copley)
Fairham, P, (Percy Fairham)
Padgett, W, (Walter Padgett)
Sutcliffe, R, (Robert Sutcliffe)
Speight, J, (Joseph Speight)
Taylor, B, (Ben Taylor)
Tingle, W, (William Tingle)
Whitelock, C R, (Charles Railton Whitelock)
Wood, G, (George Wood)
Williamson, W, (Walter Williamson)


There is some discrepancy between the names given in the newspaper cutting reporting the unveiling of this memorial and the names on the memorial.  For example James Jenny in the Barnsley Chronicle is Jas Kenny on the memorial and H. Wood in the Chronicle is A. Wood on the memorial.  J.A. Humphrey on the memorial was listed as J.A. Humphreys in the Chronicle.

There is a small metal plaque attached to the front face of the base of the memorial commemorating the fallen of the Second World War, but it contains no names.


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