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Rotherham Minster, Major L P Aizlewood MC AFC and Men of Rotherham memorial plaques

Men of Rotherham memorial plaques (photo taken 29 Aug 2023)
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This memorial has been recorded and transcribed and attached to the Barnsley & District War Memorials site because a significant number of men who were born within the Barnsley Borough were commemorated on this memorial. It is hoped that this will make it possible for visitors to the site to search for their Barnsley relatives in one place. As far as we are aware only the War Memorials Register currently includes a transcription of the full names list, and that does not display the regimental headers to each group of men. These will be included here for the assistance of visitors in identifying their relatives.


War Memorials Register listing

War Memorials Online listing


Individual panels photographed by either BarnsleyHistorian or Nigel Croft on 29 Aug 2023.
The polished panels made photographing difficult but by combining pictures taken from various angles and with different camera settings we were able to fully transcribe the memorial.

Close up of the central inscription. Click image to view larger version.

To The Glory of God / In Proud and Tender Memory of their only child / Leslie Peech Aizlewood MC AFC Major Royal Air Force / who after a career of signal & distinguished service / gave his life for his country on 29th September 1918 / and In Honoured Memory of All The Officers & Men / from the Town of Rotherham who fell in The Great War / 1914 - 1918 / Their name liveth for evermore / This monument is erected by Albert Percy Aizlewood J P & Florence Shaw Aizlewood / his wife of Blenheim House Rotherham

Where further information has been discovered for any of these men it will be linked (look for names underlined and in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.  In this way we try to avoid duplication and encroaching on the research of other groups and individuals.
Barnsley born men are indicated by a * (work still in progress) .

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York & Lancaster Regiment
W Adams
E Adlingon
J Aldam
H T Allen
J Allen
A Allington
F Allott
E Asbery
A Asbury
P Ashmore
B A Askew
W Atkins
E Attwood
F Bailey
G W Bailey
H Bailey
G Baker
J Baker
J W Baker
S H Baker
W Baker
A Baldwin
T J Bale
C H Ball
J Bannister
W Barber
M Barker
W Barker
J W Barlow
A Barlow
F Barnes
W H Barnes
W Barnett
J L Bates
W Baerd
*A Beckett
C Beckett
S Beckett
V Beckett
J T Beighton
W Bell
T Bellamy
A Bennett
C L Bennett
C W Betts
C Betts
G Bevington M.M.
W Binney
M Bird
York & Lancaster Regiment
E C Blackburn
S G Blanzey
F H Blunt
E Blythe
A E Booth
L Booth
J W Boothby
O Bowers
S Boyes
B Bradbury
F Brailsford
T Bramley
H Bridges
W Bridges
A Briggs
H Brooks
L W Brooks
T Brooks
A Brown
G Brown
H W Brown
S Brown
J E Brunt
H Brunyee
H Burgin
C Burton
H Burton
G Bush
G Butcher
*H Butler
F Butler
B T Callaghan
G Campbell
A Caroline
F H Carpenter
C Carr
B Carradine
T Cartwright
W M Chaddock
R Charlesworth
R Clark
F W Clark
J W Clark
W B Clarkson
*T Clegg
G H Clements
F Cliffe
F Cloke
W Coates
York & Lancaster Regiment
G Cobb
E Cockayne
H Coley
W Collumbine
W Cook
J H Cooper
I L Cooper
W D Cooper
C Coupe
F Cox
W Creasy
V J Crehan
J Cross
W Crossland
W Crossley
J Crowden
J Cunliffe
G A Daglass
G Dainty
J Davidson
J H Davies
W Davies
C W Dawson
J W Dean
F Dickinson
J Dobson
W Ducker
S Duckmanton
A Duty
A Dyson
E Earnshaw
W Earnshaw
G H Eastwood M.M.
E Edwards
A F Edwards
A Ellingworth
*F W Elliott
T Ellis
E Everitt M.M.
W Fairbanks
B Featherstone
D Featherstone
F Fell
H Field
J Finney
G H Firth
W Flanagan
B Flintham
W Flintham

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York & Lancaster Regiment
F Foers
G Foster
V T Foster
H Foulds
G Franks
S French
B Froggatt
C H Frost
C Gabbitas
G Gabbitas
L Garrison
G H Garside
J Gaskill
J Gaynor
G S Gibbs
W Gill
J W Gilliver
J Godber
J W Godley
M H Goodall
J Goddinson
B Goodwin
W Goddwin
C Graham
L F Gray
G Greaves
H Green
J Green
T Green
S Green
S Greensmith
B Greenwood
I Greenwood
T Gregg
B Gregson
W Grensley
E Griffiths
J E Griffiths
H Guest
R C Guest M.M.
R Gummer
S Gummer
W Hacking
J Haddon
W Hague
W A Hague
R Haigh
S Hale
M W H Hale
York & Lancaster Regiment
J Hall
W Hall
J Hallsworth
*W Hallsworth
T Hamer
B Hampson
F P Harper
J Harper
S Harper
H Harrad
G S Harris D.C.M.
S Harris
W Harris
W Harrop
W Hart
T Hartshorn
F Hawkesworth
H Hawkesworth
A Hayes
G Haywood
W Haywood
A Heath
T Hemley
E G Henderson
S Henry
F Heppenstall
G H Herbert
T Hetherington
J Hetherington
R Hirst
C W Hobkinson
H Hodgkinson
J Holford
G Holmes
G W Hooks
A Horsford
J W Hossell
T Hough
H Houghton
Jas Houghton
Joe Houghton
G Houseman
J W Howcroft
W H Howell
F Hoyle
S Hubbard
J Humphries
E A Humphrays
E Ingram
York & Lancaster Regiment
E E Inman M.M.
E Iveson
G E Jackson
R W Jackson
J Jeffs
H Jenkins
G Jenkinson
W Jepson
A Johnson
F Johnson M.M.
H Jones
J E Jones
A C E Jubb
W Kay
A Kelley
J Kelly
J Kendall
A Kendle
W Kennedy
W Kent
F Kerridge
W Kerry
H Keyworth
T Kilner
T King
W King
A E Kirkham
A M Kyte
F G Lamkin
I Lancaster
H Lawson
T Leadbeater
T Leather
T Ledger
B Lee
F Leech
W G Leeman
C Lewis
G Lidster
J Lidster
J W Lilley
J H Littlejohn
H W Liversidge
E T Lloyd
C Lockwood
R Longden
V Lowe
E Lumley
M Malie

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York & Lancaster Regiment
E L McCormick
J McGarry
T Mallett
J Manderson
J W Manns
C A Marcroft
C Marshall
H Marshall
H M Mathewman
W A Medcroft
H G Medley
W Medlock
H Mell
G H Millward
A Miree
E Moorby
R Moore
F W Moreton
A Morgan
A Morley
E Morley
G Morley
G Morris
H Morris
J Morris
Joe Morris
John Morris
S Morris
S Morton
H Mullaney
H Mullins
L Mullins
F Murphy
E Myers
W H Myers
G H Naylor
F Newcombe
A Newey
G W Nicholson
R Nicholson
F North
F B Oldham
L Oliver
W H Orrell
G Oscroft
A Oxborough
C M Oxby
C Parkin
G H Parkin
York & Lancaster Regiment
G W Parkin
O Parkin
W Parkin
D Parkinson
J T Parkinson
O Patterson
C C Payne
H Payne
G Peacock
J J Pearce
*R Peatfield
F Pitt
E Pitson
J Platts
J W Platts
J Pomeroy
H Poxon
J C Poulson
C E Pratt
G Pratt
L Pratt
E Prendergast
A E Price
E A Price
T Price
A Probert
J Rathbone
T Redfern
W Remington
H Richards
P Richardson
E Richmond
W Rieley M.M.
W Rhodes
F Roden
E Rodgers
G Rodgers
*L Roebuck
G Round
H Rushton
A Russell
B S Russell
W T Rutter
J Ryder
C H Salkeld
D H Sanders
F O Sale
F T Scott
A Senior
York & Lancaster Regiment
A Shadlock
J Shakespeare
M Sharkey
S O Sharp
A Shaw
W Shaw
G Shenton
H Sheridan
S Simson
C Simpson
G H Simpson
H Skidmore
J G Slack
J R Slater
A Slinger
T Sloan
G H Smith
J E Smith
S Smith
R E Smith
G W Speed
L Spencer
W Spittle
J Spittlehouse
A Squires
G South
W H Stamp
J Steeple M.M.
W Steeples
W Steer
W Stevenson
A Stinton
F Stockham
J Straw
G H Stringer
G A Suter
J W Swaine
A C Swallow
A E Swallow
H Swan
J A Swift
J W Swift
C Tate
G W Tate
G Taylor
G N Taylor
H Taylor
P Thomas
R Thomas

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York & Lancaster Regiment
E Thompson
F Thompson
S Thompson
J Thorne
A Thorpe
J E Tinsdale
W E Todd
J Tomlinson
E Topliss
J Topliss
*F Townend
V Townsend
S Trueman
J H Trevis
E Turner
H Turner
L Turner
H Turton
G W Tuxford
J W Twiddy
J Twigg
R Twigg
F Underwood
C Uttley
T J Vale
J Vaugham M.M.
W Veitch
J H Vernon
G Vickers
R B Wake
G Wales
A Walker
A Walker
E O Walker
J H Walker
J Waller
Jas Waller
T Walsh
E Walton
F Walton
G H Ward
H Ward
F Warren
A Watson
T A Watson
M D A Westlake
G Wheway
H Whitaker
T C White
York & Lancaster Regiment
W Whitehead
E Whitehouse
J Whiteley
H Widdowson
G Wilby
L Wilkinson
S Wilkinson
M Willey
H William
C F Willis
P Willis
H D Wilson
F W Wilson
W Wilson
G Wing
J Woffinden
J T Woodcock
W Woods
A Woodward
A Wright
E Wright
G Wright
H Wright
W Wright
G F Wroe
I Yarrow
E Yeardley
C York
East Yorkshire Regiment
A Beecher
W Brookes
H Cull
T Denton
J C Green
A Harrison
A Kirk
J W Mapes
E Noyland
A Pashley
A Potts
A Ranby
J Tarpy
C E Tinsley
F Webb
J Winder
Yorkshire Regiment
G C Hodgkinson
W E Ogilvy
J V Townend

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King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

T A Arundel
A Atkinson
F Baddley
F Bailey
A Barber
F Barber
J Barnett
W Bates
S Blackwell
H Briggs
F Burgan
H Butterfield
R Campbell
T H Clarke
S Cooper
W R Cooper
B Dobson
G Drury M.C.
J Dugan
F Ellis
C English
J Fawcus M.M.
L Fisher M.M.
B Flintham
R Foster
C Freebury
C Froggatt
E Froggatt
J Fry
C G Gellatly
W S Gill
J T Goodall
A Green
W Harding
J Harrop
E Harrison
A Hinchcliffe
J Holford
A Hollingsworth
J R Jackson
W James
L B W Jew
G H Johnson
J A Keeling
M Law
W Laycock
W Lindley
W J Lowen
S Lyson
Leslie Peech Aizlewood M.C. A.F.C.
Royal Air Force
C Dutchman
M W Wormald
King's Own Yorkshire Light

J H Maiden
G W Martin
E Millward
B Morris
J J Morris
S Morton
A Parker
J Ray
E L Ray
C Richardson
W Roebuck
J Shaw
J J Stocks
R Sykes
J Taylor
J T Taylor
H Tomlinson
P Turner
W L Tyler
J E Walton
G H Watkinson
S Whiteley
J C Wisehall
T R Worrell
J Wright
West Riding Royal Horse

J E Hicks
A Jeffries
Royal Scots Regiment
W Wright
Royal Dragoons
E Jenkins
A Knowles

West Yorkshire Regiment
E Bates
A Beech
B Bernard
G Biddle
D Bolton
W H Bradbury
H Damms
S Dobson
J Drury
J R Ducker
S Frost
A Harrison
P Hastings
C E Himsworth
W H Hirst
H Hollin
E Jeavons
S Jenkins
B Jones
J Keeley
A Lockwood
J Marshall
C Mason
T Parker
C H Parkinson
C Pinner
J Pounder
J Quinn
R Sayles
F Shakespeare
J Siddaway
E W Simpson
G Sloan
M Stephens
E Watts
I Wilkinson
Royal Marine Light Infantry
D A Bailey
H Boardman D.C.M.
J E Clark
R Cousins
J A Eyre
A Frost
A Layte
F W Matthews
G A Morgan
East Kent Regiment
T Leesley

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Coldstream Guards
G Andrews
C Arnell
J W Bamforth
H Brown
H Eagle
E Guy
J Hancock
G Maugham
E Sparrow
A Steele
O Stephenson
W Webb
F Woodhead
F Wortley
Grenadier Guards
F Carr
H Croft
T H Fisher
W Tomlinson
Life Guards
S Maiden
Scots Guards
P A Andrews
Devon Regiment
S Archer
King's Own Royal Lancaster

C English
R Upstone
King's Liverpool Regiment
W Goy
J Hinchliffe
W F Page
J W Warburton
Norfolk Regiment
H T Smith
E H Utting
Lincoln Regiment
R Bradbury
J Cook
R Davies
E T Dolan
H Globe
A W Lloyd
T Nicholson
Liverpool Regiment
H Cave
Suffolk Regiment
E H Pearce
Northumberland Fusiliers
A C Appleby
H C Appleby
W Atkinson
J Besley
H Bingley
W Cobb
A Crossley
T W Dale
C Dodd
J C Gunn
T Heathcote
W Holmes
R Hoyle
W James
G Jubb
G Keeling
A Martin
G Nunn
A F Pearson
B Richmond
F Richmond
J W Rourke
F C Savage
J Scholes
W Seevers
E Shaw
T Skinnan
R A Sorsby
C Spreckley
B Stevens
J Wells
W Wright
Royal Fusiliers
P Burns
L Fillingham
F E M Grout
J A Hempsall
E Loveday
B Pratt
S H Taylor
F Wilmot
Leicester Regiment
A Hollingdrake
Scots Fusiliers
H Croft
C Hoole
H Morley
A Richardson
C Tyler
Lancashire Fusiliers
J H Day
T W Dickinson
A Foers
H Gordon
W McClenna
J Rabbett
W Senior
J Yeardley
J Wood
Scottish Rifles
W Goss
South Wales Borderers
W Cross
R Hemingway
W Hill
W Horton
J Lockwood
C H Martin
Warwickshire Regiment
B Dixon
Royal Welsh Fusiliers
J Baker
B Cadman
G H Kyte
B Pratt
King's Own Scottish

W Oliver
G Wilson
9th Lancers
S L Boden
Inniskilling Dragoons
W Parkin
10th Hussars
B A Sykes
5th Staffordshire Regiment
A A Andrews
C J Griffin
A Keens
W Wright
Border Regiment
J Stockdale
T W Swallow
East Surrey Regiment
W Cox
East Lancashire Regiment
J Hunt
C W Keeling
G H Lyon

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East Lancashire Regiment
G T Lyons
W Peers
R Williams
Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
F Cooper
F Lake
J H Smith
Duke of Wellington's Regiment
J S Cooper
C E Himsworth
E Lunn
J H Lunt
J S Palliser
H Plant
E Steed
C W Whitham
J Wilkinson
Hampshire Regiment
T Bates
C H Parkinson M.M.
Northamptonshire Regiment
M Bettles
Sherwood Foresters
E Appleby
W Baker
H Bean
R T Bolton
H George
S Handley
J H Hinds
S Hodgkinson
F Liversidge
W H Sugden
W Robins
R L Williams
S Wilmot
Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
R Pascoe
Middlesex Regiment
G Byrne
E Meeber
G Westerman
G Wordsworth
Black Watch
H Page
Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
L B Newsum
Royal West Kent Regiment
W Dix
Connaught Rangers
J A  Ball
E Banes
H Black
J E Booth
E R Cartwright
E Cuckson
R W Hibbard
G W Jackson
N C Kempston
E Millns
A Morley
G H Parker
H Sharp
J Spellman
E Stevenson
B Tipton
J E Watson
H Woodhouse
Rifle Brigade
W Gee
London Regiment
H Bowen
A E Finch
S Tucker M.M.
Manchester Regiment
H Holmes
J T White
S Wilson
13th Hussars
J Bottom
H Parkes
20th Hussars
H Walker
Highland Light Infantry
*A Midwood
W Ward
North Staffordshire Regiment
E Greenock
A W Smith
Gordon Highlanders
R Ballantyne
H L Moss
Cameron Highlanders
C Davy
H Gray
B E Green
W D Hobson
E W Smith
T Trueman
King's Royal Rifles
J W Brownlow
R Butcher
I Cook
L Crehan
L Haythorne
J Ibbotson
G W Jackson
J E Guy
J Kent
W Ketterick
F S Mace
H Mohady
H Owen
G D Parkes
W Rodgers
T Sugden
J Wall
W Wallis
Essex Regiment
John Hayhurst
S Ledger
Durham Light Infantry
E Barrett
A Barraclough
E Blackburn
H S Booth
J W Caterer
E Coates
A Cook
G Corker
C A Elliott
W L Finney
H Gorrill
W Gray
J Griffith
J Harrison
S Knowles
R Morton
W G Oxley
F Shirtliff
W H Turner
A H Ward
M T White
M Wisehall
S P Wright
Royal Irish Rifles
W D Conroy
F Dodson

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Royal Garrison Artillery
G A Baker
J Barber
W Barber
C A Barker
W Butler
A C Bowen
W Edison
T Edwards
H Frost
T A Gullick
E Jennison
G N Knowles
J E Notley
J Ogley
E Payne
J Postlethwaite
C Shaw
A Slack
W Trollope
J Westby
Royal Horse Artillery
A E Leetch M.M.
Royal Munster Fusiliers
R Clark
G H Crooke
T Cuthbertson
A Fowler
G Fox
G Hale
W Hamer
S Hodgkinson
J Lambert
W Lambert
H Richards
J H Smith
C Stephenson
J Taylor
J Thurman
Royal Dublin Fusiliers
G Priest
Army Service Corps
J Gregory
F Jennison
J W Lee
H F Newell
London Rifle Brigade
J Stansfield
Queens Royal West Surrey

P Brotherton
Royal Field Artillery
W H Attwood
A Bannister
J Bannister
J E Batley
R W Boulton
A Butler
T Clark
T Davenport
T Duncan
W Eyre
B Ferns
A Foster
J Gibbs
G Green
R Hall
A Harper
T Horsfall
P Hoyland
C Hudson
J J Hutton
C Jackson
F Jennison
G H Johnson
F W King
J Lee
T Lidster
C H Mallinson
G Millson
A Milton
A Mitchell
A Morgan
H Myers
J Newell
G North
H Oxby
G H Parkes
C Portman
N Riley
H P Rising
J Smith
E G Stacey
G Sturgeon
E D Taylor
W P Thompson
W Thompson
C Trask
H T Trott
H Vernon
H Wadsworth

Royal Field Artillery
B A Walker
F Walton
H T Walsh
F Ward
W Wilkinson
G W Wingate
H Woodger
A Woodthorpe
H Wright
Royal Army Medical Corps
T Murphy
T W Outram
Machine Gun Corps
H Brooks
F Clark
C Cook
A B Copley
P R Davy
W Dickinson
A Drinknell
R G Garnham
F Green
D L Haag
E H Pearce
J Quinlan
G Richings
W Rodgers
F Roberts
A Simmons
J A Swift
Tank Corps
G Testi
Royal Naval Volunteer

A Abson
William Curran
P Walters
Sportsmens Battalion
Gwyn Hatfield
Cyclist Corps
H Broadhead
W E Davies
J Wood
Labour Corps
C Barnes
A Beech
H Gresham

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Royal Engineers
T Archer
A Asling
A Bick
L E Brierley
G Butcher
H Cheeseborough
F Cheeseman
H Cooper
E Dalton
J W Downey
W Edmunds
C Gough
C A Graham
W Hackett
E Hagger
H P W Halls
R Horsford
J Jackson
W Keeling
W Maleham
E Mangham
S Millward
A T Mitchell
W Morgan
S Oakes
A Payne
G Quayle
A Redfern
P Shaw
H Siddons
R H Stoker
R Thompson
D Thornhill
B C Turner
S A Wales
B A Walker
R Whittington
W Wildsmith
T W Winter
Westminster Rifles
H Hardy
Queen's Westminsters
H N Thorley
Australian Force
A Allatt
Canadian Infantry
H Bickersdirke
South African Infantry
G H Newell

Royal Naval Division
F Bailey
J Binney
W H Bligh
G Brookes
G Carlyne
J Carradice
W Clarke
T Didlock
J Dobson
A H Duke
J Edwards
J W Emery
A Flate
E Fletcher
G Frear
T W Green
L Grimmer
F E Guest
T Gunn
T Hague
C T Harker
H Hattersley
G Heathcote
C Hinchliffe
E Hodkin
J Hocknull
H Jennison
E W Jubb
W Kendrick
A Linton
R Liversidge
H A Martin
T Millican
E Morris
J Oxley
R Pickering
P Pilkington
W Pursglove
P Rothery
G E Russum
*G E Seed
J Shentall
R W Skinner
C Temple
W Thompson
A Turner
J Tuxford
H E Watford
W Winn
J E Wright


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