Friday 21 October 2022

Cortonwood Wesleyan Methodist Roll of Honour

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My Methodist History


There are some similarities between the names listed here and those on the Brampton Parish Hall Roll of Honour (the precise origin of which is not yet known), however there is insufficient correlation to be able to identify the Methodist Church as a source for that document.  

Some of the men named here are also listed on the memorial at Christ Church,  Brampton Bierlow, the Anglican parish church for the area.


Pte. Samuel Burrows     1977      York and Lancaster Regt.

Bdr. Mark Barker        831708   Royal Field Artillery

Pte. Albert Booth       16554    York and Lancaster Regt.

Pte. George Boldy       479        York and Lancaster Regt.

Sgt. William Clarke      308      2nd Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers

Rifl. James Crawford     467      King’s Royal Rifle Corps

Pte. Albert Crawford  31329       Loyal North Lancashire Regt.

Pte. George Dodds  [15537] King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Pte. Peter Harvey      [52087]    East Yorkshire Regt.

Pte. William Moorhouse     King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Sergt. John Moorhouse     182     York and Lancaster Regt.

Pte. Henry Dean Moorhouse  23791  York and Lancaster Regt.

Pte. Thomas O’Boyle    1805      York and Lancaster Regt.

Corpl. Harry Parsons  [12682]    York and Lancaster Regt.

Sergt. Albert Ryman   7419      1st Bn. Lincolnshire Regt.

Pte. Edward Scott            York and Lancaster Regt.

Pte. Sidney Tomlinson   24019      York and Lancaster Regt.

Pte. Alonzo Turner      12948       York and Lancaster Regt.

Pte. George Wilks        [14244]    York and Lancaster Regt.

L Cpl. Bertram Wilkinson   14/1302   York and Lancaster Regt.

Pte. James Wright       22608      Lancashire Fusiliers


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