Monday 28 June 2021

Monk Bretton Cemetery CWGC burials

 The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) recognises the burials of men and women who fell in the First and Second World Wars.  Where men or women have no known grave they are remembered on CWGC memorials around the world, usually close to the place that they fell. The most common CWGC gravestone is made of Portland Stone. This is bright white when new and very conspicuous in a churchyard or cemetery even when a little darkened by age.  The size and style of the stones was designed to be the similar for everyone, no matter what rank, regiment, class, religion or nationality.  See this section on the CWGC website for background information.

Each stone has a rounded top, some have the crest or badge of a regiment and/or a religious symbol. There is an inscription giving rank, name, regiment and date of death, sometimes age is included.  At the foot of the stone is a space for a family dedication.

When the burial of a serviceman or women is within a family plot, their details are often recorded on a family gravestone.  This can be quite confusing as other family gravestones in the same churchyard bearing similar inscriptions are memorials to men or women NOT buried there. It is only when a burial has taken place that the site is recorded by the CWGC.

There are 21 CWGC burials in Monk Bretton Cemetery. Thirteen are First World War, with one of those a family gravestone, eight are Second World War, one of those is a family gravestone. The others all have the standard CWGC stones.

These photos were taken in June 2014 by BarnsleyHistorian unless otherwise stated.

Note: If the photos below are overlapping the table and covering text try turning your phone or tablet landscape. Links on the names are to the CWGC website. The FindAGrave links will take you to a webpage which usually contains a transcription and a photo.

  Gravestone Location
Section Row No.
Soldier's Name & Regiment
Date of Death
  E 131


York and Lancaster Regt

11 September 1915
Henry MacDonald

York and Lancaster Rgt

4 November 1916
James Critchley

York and Lancaster Rgt

5 September 1917
Albert Scorah

York and Lancaster Rgt

5 September 1917
Albert Edward Oldroyd

Army Service Corps

28 May 1918

(photo by Steve Farnell)
Abraham Shaw

Black Watch
(Royal Highlanders)

25 July 1918
Frank Horbury

Durham Light Infantry

16 November 1918

(this stone is also a war memorial
gravestone for Thomas H Horbury)

  E 65

Tom Caves

Royal Artillery

11 February 1919
  E 88

Arthur Wood

Royal Navy

12 February 1919
James Trueman

York and Lancaster Regt

19 May 1919
  A 211

James William Stacey

York and Lancaster Regt

19 May 1919
  I 68

Ernest Watson

York and Lancaster Regt

21 February 1920
  D 176

William Rodgers

King's Own Yorkshire
Light Infantry

11 June 1920
  A 114

Sydney Wood

York and Lancaster Rgt

12 November 1939
Hugh Alan Roberts

Royal Air Force

25 February 1941
  G 139

Thomas Howley

Royal Artillery

24 April 1941
  G 11

Luther Crawshaw

Royal Air Force

18 May 1941
Edward Wetton

West Yorkshire Regt
(Prince of Wales's Own)

18 December 1942
  F 120

Charles Woodward

Royal Artillery

30 March 1943
  I 213

John Douglas Cook

Royal Engineers

16 -20 May 1943
  E 161

John Vernon Eyre

Pioneer Corps

25 February 1945



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