Friday 6 November 2015

Ingbirchworth War Memorial, Wellthorne Avenue

Ingbirchworth War Memorial (photo taken 6 November 2015)

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Lives of the First World War Community

Photographed by Joe Pinguey

More information on this memorial, its creators and a newspaper cutting about the plans for its dedication on 6 November 2015.

Lest We Forget

Photo taken 17 February 2019
In Memory of Those Who Served and Those Who Fell

There are no names on the memorial itself, however a stone with a list of names was added to the corner plot (see below) in 2018 at a cost of £1,130 part funded by a grant from the Parish Council.

(Barnsley Chronicle 1 June 2018)

Ernest Knowles              1916
C. Godfrey Hinchliffe      1917
Albert Jackson               1918
Thomas Jackson            1918
Ernest Roebuck             1944 

"They Gave Their Lives for our Freedom" 

Photographs by BarnsleyHistorian

The Rolls of Honour rescued from the local chapel, one from World War One with 55 names and the other from World War Two with 17 names, were displayed in a nearby shop until it closed. It was planned to re-locate them in the village chapel.

Southern Corner of Wellthorne Avenue, February 2019
BWMP #ING03 & #ING04

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