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Barnsley, unlike some other towns and cities around the country, has no central Roll of Honour to remember the Fallen of World War One, and so this project was begun to provide a co-ordinating hub for the recording and preservation of the information on all of the War Memorials in the Barnsley area.

It is recognised that many of the memorials in our area have already been recorded and researched by dedicated volunteers.  Some of this work has been deposited in paper form in Barnsley Archives, some has been published in book form.  However until now there has been no one point of contact for all of this information.

It was agreed that, in recognition of the forthcoming Centenary of the First World War, the first part of the Project would concentrate on gathering information on the casualties of that war although information collected in the process concerning the Second World War and subsequent conflicts would be safely collated for the later stages of the Project. 
The Imperial War Museum's definition of a War Memorial which used to be on their War Memorials Archives site:
We consider a war memorial to be any tangible object which has been erected or dedicated to commemorate those killed as a result of war, conflict or peacekeeping; who served in war or conflict; or who died whilst engaged in military service.
Here is an article about some of the different kinds of memorial we are researching.

Information collated as a result of the Barnsley War Memorials Project will be submitted to the Imperial War Museum's War Memorials Archives and much of their existing information was used as the starting point of this project.

This Project was formally constituted on 19 March 2014.  A copy of our constitution can be requested from the Secretary, contact BWMP2015@gmail.com 
Information about other Committee Members can be found on our newsletters back issues of which can be downloaded via the Newsletters tab above.

A list of other memorials which have been or are being researched in-depth can be found on the Research in Progress page.

For more information please contact us via barnsleyhistorian@gmail.com

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Our continuing thanks to Barnsley Archives for all their help and assistance with this project.

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Anonymous said...

I recall that in the now Closed Salvation Army Citadel Wellington Street Bransley there was a marble Stone Roll of honour for those lost in the first world war. The building still stands empty. Maybe it could be looked at for information

BarnsleyHistorian said...

That is certainly a good idea - the building is up for sale I think, maybe the estate agents will know?

BarnsleyHistorian said...

Unfortunately after a visit to the Salvation Army building today I can confirm that there is no longer a memorial there.

BarnsleyHistorian said...

We have found the memorial! - the Salvation Army have it in store.