Saturday 30 March 2024

Pontefract, St Giles, First World War memorial panels

First World War memorial panels in St Giles, Pontefract (photographed 30 March 2024)

This memorial has been recorded and transcribed and attached to the Barnsley & District War Memorials site because a small number of men who were born within the Barnsley Borough have been discovered to be commemorated on this memorial. It is hoped that this will make it possible for visitors to our site to search for all their Barnsley relatives in one place. 

A digital Roll of Honour, which includes all of the names on this memorial, the civic Roll of Honour (displayed in Pontefract Library) and the memorial cross at All Saints, Pontefract, plus some additional Pontefract connected men, can be downloaded from the Pontefract & District Family History Society website. Click on the title 'Pontefract Roll of Honour' at the foot of the page.

The Imperial War Museum's War Memorial Register does not currently list this memorial.

Photography by Nigel Croft
The width of the memorial and the darkness of the area in which it stands made photography difficult but by combining pictures taken from various angles we were able to capture images of the panels of the memorial without having to disturb the items displayed in front of it.

Transcribed by BarnsleyHistorian


In thanksgiving to God and in perpetual memory of those from this Church
who gave their lives in the Great War. 1914-1919.


If ye suffer for righteous sake happy are ye

Where further information has been discovered for any of these men it will be linked (look for names underlined and in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.  In this way we try to avoid duplication and encroaching on the research of other groups and individuals.
Barnsley born men are indicated by a * (work still in progress).

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A Abbott
E Archdale
H Archdale
H Ackroyd
W Archer
H Athorn
E Asher
S Austwick
A Barber
S Barnes
*C Barrett
R Bence
A Bennett
J Bennett
C W Bonner
W Boothman
H Bullock
W Bullock
J Bullock
T Bullock
Jno Bullock
J W Briggs
C Brown
H Brown
G Bartle
H T Brooks
L Campsall
J Chields
J Child
*T Clegg
J W Clough
J Collins
H E Crabtree
T W Crewe

W Davey
C Davies
Ed Davies
Ern Davies
F Dixon
F Dunwell
F Earley
F England
T England
A T Exley
S Fellows
P Fieldhouse
P Finn
J R Fynn
W Foster
P J Fox
G E France
T S France
W R Fraser
H B Furbank
E Firth
J Garlick
A Garner
C S Gell
P Giles
J Gill
N Gordon
T Gott
W Gott
G H Glassby
T H Hartley
A Hanson
M Hanson
R A Hardcastle
H G Harris
C W Harrison
Jos Harrison
A Hargreaves
F Haycroft
E Heckingbottom
H Hepworth
T Hepworth
Jno Harrison
P J Hill
A J Heseltine
W S Heseltine
P Higgins
F Hiley

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(these panels have been cropped & edited)

A Hill
E C Hillaby
J Holland
H Holroyd
J Holroyd
H Hopkinson
W Hopkinson
R Hopwood
G Howard
H Howarth
G H Hawley

F Jackson
G T Jackson
L W Jackson
S Johnson
S E Johnson
P Jones
R Jowett
W S Keighley
H Knight
C Leech
H Leek
Jno Lemm
Jos Lemm
A E Leng
D Leng
R De L Leng
T Lindley
A Lewin
A Lewis
J W Lister
E Lowden
W C Markwich
A E Markwich
T Mason
J Mc Niel
S Mellor
J C Metcalfe
J T Millett
A Millett
T Mills
G F Mitchell
E Milner
R H Morley
J Moore
E Moxon
V Moxon
T Mulligan
H Murgatroyd

A Neal
J Nicholls
A Nicholson
G W Nicholson
L S Nicholson
W Nicklin
A Noble

A E Ogley
H O Hara
F Packard
T R C Parrish
F Pagdin
T Palmer
W Peatfield
A Ponsonby
A Possiff
T Powell
W Pocklington
E W Phillips
W Prince
W Proctor

W Richardson
C S Ruddlesden
E W Rhodes
P Ryder

L W C Scarfe
W Scholfield
W Scoltock
J H Scott
W Shaw
E J Sheasby

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J H Shillaker
J Shipman
J Simms
A Simpson
W Skelton
J H Skidmore
E P Skidmore
G T Slater
H H Slater
C Smith
E J Smith
R H Smith
R Southwell
W Steel
J Stephens
B Stones
W Sutherland

G Tankard
J J Tate
Harry Taylor
Her Taylor
T Taylor
J R Thirsk
J Thomason
R Thompson
P Thexton
W E Tisdall
F Tomlin
J Tomlinson
S S Trueman
A D Turner
C Turner
E Turner
G Turner
J Turner
Mary L Turner
W Travis
W Tolley
A Twibey
H S Ursell
A Vaughan
F Walker
G W Walker
F Walters
B Ward
E C Ward
J Webb
G W Webster
R Wilce
J Williams
D Wilson
F Wilson
G E Wilson
W Wilson
M Winn
W Winterburn
E J Withers
J W Woodall
C J Woodcock
E W Wroe
Joe Walker
J F Walker
J Wadsworth
H Quartermain


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