Sunday 24 April 2022

Tankersley St Peter's Churchyard Commonwealth War Graves Commission Graves

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) recognises the burials of men and women who fell in the First and Second World Wars.  Where a men or women has no known grave they are remembered on CWGC memorials around the world, usually close to the place that they fell.

The most common CWGC gravestone is made of Portland Stone. This is bright white when new and very conspicuous in a churchyard or cemetery even when a little darkened by age.  The size and style of the stones was designed to be the similar for everyone, no matter what rank, regiment, class, religion or nationality.  See this section on the CWGC website for background information.

Each stone has a rounded top, some have the crest or badge of a regiment and/or a religious symbol. There is an inscription giving rank, name, regiment and date of death, sometimes age is included.  At the foot of the stone is a space for a family dedication.

When the burial of a serviceman or women is within a family plot, their details are often recorded on a family gravestone.  This can be quite confusing as other family gravestones in the same churchyard bearing similar inscriptions are memorials to men or women NOT buried there. It is only when a burial has taken place that the site is recorded by the CWGC.

There are 5 CWGC burials in Tankersley Churchyard. Two are First World War, three are Second World War.

Joseph Allen Walton has a family gravestone, rather than a CWGC style stone, but his burial is, of course, recognised by that organisation.  Follow the link on his name to reach the CWGC website.

There are also 5 war memorial gravestones in Tankersley churchyard.  Click here for more information.  

Note: If the photos below are overlapping the table and covering text try turning your phone or tablet landscape. Links on the names are to the CWGC website. The FindAGrave links will take you to a webpage which usually contains a transcription and a larger photo.

Find A Grave link
Name / Regiment / Date of Death
Thumbnail Photo
East border

O. 47.

Find A Grave
Ben Elliott

York & Lancaster Regt

9 December 1916
In South East corner


Find A Grave
Joseph Allen Walton

York & Lancaster Regt

4 January 1919


Find A Grave
Raymond Athol Bruck

Royal Air Force
Volunteer Reserve

22 December 1944


Find A Grave
Frank Chambers

Royal New Zealand
Air Force

9 December 1942


Find A Grave
Thomas Arthur Howe

Pioneer Corps

14 January 1945


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Michael Carr said...

I visit the 5 known war graves every year prior to Rememberance Sunday, place a RBL cross on the graves.
The headstone for James Allen Walton, is sadly in disrepair.
I am trying to organise the repair or replacement via the War Graves Commission but, because the family of James requested their own memorial, without permission from surviving family members, I can neither ask the WGC to replace or repair the existing family memorial.
I would greatly appreciate any assistance in restoring this war veterans grave be it the family one, or a WGC one.
My email is
Thank you