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Penistone, Bullhouse Chapel, Bullhouse Lane, WW1 Roll of Honour

The 1916-17 Roll of Honour for Bullhouse Chapel and Sunday School
Enlarged list of names (click to read)
The little chapel at Bullhouse was registered as place of worship for Dissenting Protestants in 1692 and has a history of independent worship to this day. (1) 

In 2019 it underwent some renovations and these photos were taken on Sunday 2 June 2019 by Nigel Croft and BarnsleyHistorian who were welcomed by the congregation after their service of celebration for the completion of the work. The chapel-goers had not been aware that the framed certificate hanging high up on their wall was a First World War Roll of Honour. 

The list of names is of men who enlisted from the chapel and is dated 1916-1917 suggesting that more than one of these framed certificates may once have existed. The order of the names probably indicates the order in which the men joined up. There are no markings to indicate whether a man was killed or came safely home, but where the man is listed as fallen on another war memorial it has been indicated below by a * in front of the man's name.

War Memorials Register entry

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Pte William O Goldthorpe    K O Y L I
* 2nd Lieut Harland Watts   S L        (remembered at Thurlstone and Penistone Grammar School)
Gunner Thomas Hill            R G A
Sapper John Proud             R E
Pte Benjamin Johnson         D of W
*Pte Ronald Penney            D of W  (remembered at Cleckheaton and Spenborough)
Pte Squire Beaumont          Y & L
Pte Walter Hill                      W Y
Pte Frank Beevor                E Y
Gunner Fred Jackson         R G A
Driver Harry Fielding           R E
Pte Ernest Howard              R F A
    Harry Redfearn
Pte Henry Haigh                 N F
Pte John A Crossley          D L I
Sapper George Proud       R E
Pte Ernest Liles                 D L I
Pte Joseph H Webster       F D
    Harold Thorpe               N Z
    Thomas Hy Ellison        B E F
Rifleman Willie Shaw         W Y
Pte Albert E Proud            T R
Gunner Sam C Proud       R F A
Pte William E Crossley      Y & L
Sergt Maj Milton Littlewood   A I

[single name in the second column not shown]

    Hubert  Mitchell             R Navy

(1) Historic England


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